Blast Off!

It has begun! As planned, I have gotten up about an hour before sunrise to pack my stuff and be ready to hit the road at day break. I just poured myself a cup of coffee from the hotel lobby and walked outside to check out the weather. It’s already 70 degrees outside and a bit humid. lists that it is about 30%, but compared to Seattle area, it feels like 80% or above.

Today I have exactly 24.8 miles of walking before I pitch my tent. If the weather doesn’t lighten up ( or my feet fall off), I doubt I will be able to write another post today. The focus today is walking, staying relatively dry, and finding a good location to pitch the tent. Anything above and beyond I will consider extra credit and icing on the cake. That is…if the cake was made of 25 miles of asphalt.

If you would like to receive real-time status updates, pictures or my location, please refer to the following:


Facebook: My long walk home (fan page) or just friend me. Please don’t send email to facebook, as I will not be checking on a regular basis.



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  1. Posted by Joe on May 2, 2010 at 5:45 am

    Great work on day one…. Victoria says the cart needs a cup holder (this from stroller experience) and we are wondering if we see a Forest Gump style beard soon as we didn’t see a razor in your pack. Will call during this week to check in…. Proud of you man.


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