Day 14 – A proud history of cry baby tradition

Rolled out a bed about 8am this morning. I could smell the coffee in the kitchen and wanted to say hello to the dogs awaiting me at the top of the stairway. Meredith had already taken her son to school and was working in away in the dining room. I poured myself a cup of the turbo-charged coffee and WOO HOO, woke up quickly. It seems that Meredith has pre-made the coffee the night before. Before Jett left for work this morning, he also decided to pile fresh coffee on top of that batch. End result; caffeine you couldn’t ignore and a water puddle on the floor. Priceless!

Meredith and I chatted a bit before she had to head off to an early appointment. Before leaving, she showed me where the key will be hidden, we talked about the upcoming travels towards Chattanooga, and then *POOF* she was gone. After she left, I packed my backpack and prepared to walk 25 miles today. Since I will be staying at Jett and Meredith’s place again tonight, I could leave my Runabout at the house. I was excited as I haven’t had to walk without pushing a 100+ lb cart in front of me. With pack on my back, I embarked out into the wild suburbs of Atlanta for the day.

Without my Runabout, I was tempted to push a temporary cart.

As you can imagine, the walk was pretty sterile in regards to the scenery. Roswell, Marietta, Alpharetta and Sandy Springs was full of a lot of the typical strip malls you would find in ‘Anytown’ USA. During my walk, I did walk by a business named ‘CoreMatters’ that was advertising something called ‘ChiWalking’. I took a picture of the sign and continued on my way. After thinking a bit, I remember a friend of mine telling me about the book before I left on my trip. curiosity killing this cat, so I turned around and stopped in the business. Upon entering, I met the owner, Ann-Marie Giglio. After asking a few questions, I told her what I was doing and asked if it could help. She looked at me from head to toe…and said I would be a perfect candidate. Really? Is my body that screwed up? Then I checked myself out, and couldn’t help but agree. She said the way my feet bow outwards, I was in need of some body mechanic adjustments.

For some reason as a kid, I remember me and other kids practicing turning our feet around 180 degrees and trying to walk with our feet backwards. What dummies we were? I wonder if that is why my bow outwards? Hmmm? After talking with Ann-Marie, we tentatively were going to meet at the end of the day for a short workshop on Chi Walking. Unfortunately I didn’t finish my days walk in time and missed meeting with Anne-Marie. I hope I don’t regret missing the opportunity to become a better walker. I may need to pick the book up when possible.

Today I was able to catch-up on several phone calls that just aren’t possible when walking next to the freeway. Good to hear from family and friends!

This little guy wouldn't stop eye-balling me

Walking through Alpharetta I wanted to stop by the Microsoft campus, just because. I found the location and went inside to take a picture. As I approached the front desk, introduced myself and said I wanted to take a picture. That request was quickly squashed by asking me to leave. ūüė¶ I guess I have just gotten to used to the openness and friendliness of people along the way. The evil empire brought me back to reality quickly. No worries, I was able to sneak into the cafeteria and took a picture of the sign out front.

Today while catching up on phone calls, I was reminded of my conversation with my Dad the other evening. I shared many of the stories of kindness, generosity, animals (Georgia), and of a¬†family already committing to a GENEROUS donation to Children’s Hospital. Weeks before the pledge drive is to begin, they are already inspired to give!! Unbelievable, touching and I can’t stop my eyes from welling up when talking about! Dad agreed and said that it’s a Morris family tradition. What? What did my Dad just say? Oh, I have to hear more about this one.

Dad said that when he is moved by something, he wells up faster than a sprinkler on a summer day. He says its in our genes and passed down as a proud family tradition. After thinking about this, I did a little mental family tree processing and began to question his comment. My dad’s father was killed at the end of WWII. As a pilot of a¬†P-38 Lightning, he died flying over Texas in poor weather conditions. As with all pilots of that generation, I can only imagine cool as Ice ‘Maverick’ and ‘Goose’ types, who leave the sensitivity for the ladies at home. With that assumption, I think the ‘sensitive’ gene may have started with Dad.

Thinking that maybe it could have begun with influence from his step-dad and man who¬†raised him from about 5 years of age. Gotta say “Nope” to that idea as well. Granddad Phil was a tough as nails farmer that wouldn’t have allowed some cry baby kid. ūüôā

No Dad, I think you are the originator of leaky Morris tear-ducts! If it’s a movie about overcoming obstacles, achieving dreams, or sports in general; we will constantly have to act as though we are ‘itching’ our eyes. Some movies that come to mind are:

  • Men of Honor
  • Rudy
  • Forest Gump
  • Braveheart
  • Shawshank Redemption
  • Field of Dreams
  • Remember the Titans
  • The occasional Hallmark Commercial <damn>

Don’t worry Dad. I’m proud to be a cry baby and hope to encounter many more cry-baby moments before the end of this journey across America. My son is doomed…

Tonight, as I write the blog for Day 14, the noise outside is deafening. The last time it rained this much, was¬†the first night of my journey. I am sooooooo¬†glad to be staying at my friend’s house¬† tonight. I have no doubt that the first night that I am huddled under my tarp all night, void of sleep, will make for content-rich blog fodder the next day. Until then…please stop raining.

Oh great…now the Weather Service is on the TV advertising an Emergency Storm Warning for Northern Georgia. <sigh>


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Kathy Wiening on May 16, 2010 at 4:31 am

    Saturday, May 15th

    Hi, Jack,
    I am so happy your mom let me know you are on the adventure of your life! I have read most of your daily blogs and am so impressed. Surely, you will have a best-seller book when you finish your trek! Will you be going through Montana? I have lots of questions, not only about your trip, but about other ways to track your progress (I’m pretty computer illiterate!) so I’m going to give your folks a call.
    Just wanted you to know that we’re cheering you on and look forward to hearing about your daily experiences.

    Love, Kathy

    P.S. Have you used Tough Skin and two pair of socks for your feet? I hate to hear about the blisters. . .


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