Day 23 – The legend of sleepy hollow

Up early and walking on a Sunday morning! I have to admit, this is the best time to be walking. Most people are either sleeping in on Sunday or attending Sunday mass at their local church. The roads are clear and good for walking!

There is not a cloud in the sky, its 80 degrees outside and supposedly it’s going to be record-breaking heat temperatures not seen since 1929.

As You are reading the last couple days of blog, you may notice that ‘Mr. Funny Man’ isn’t as present as he usually is. Don’t worry, he’ll be back. But this week is frigging WORK! The combination of heat, hills and overall different vibe has proven a bit difficult. When I say ‘Vibe”, I really don’t know what it is. Tennessee has proven to have a less friendly vibe as when compared to Georgia. There is still people waving, saying ‘Hello”, and stopping me once in a while. I guess, just as a whole, it seems that Georgia was a bit friendlier. I will get back to you on the stats in a couple of weeks…

Traveling through Georgia, I noticed cars that were prominent in certain areas. In this region, it appears that the Ford Ranger and Ford Mustang rule the day. Especially the White Ford Ranger. I can only assume that there must be a Ford production plant in the area. If not, somebody needs to commend the salesperson that convinced an entire county to drive a Ford Ranger!

First came the ponds. Second came the plantations. Now, and thirdly, the region is filled with hollows! Fox Hollow, Dave’s Hollow and Shady Hollow. I can only guess that this is where the ‘Legend of Sleepy Hollow’ derived from. Okay…maybe not.

After the big hill descent yesterday, I had a couple 400 ft climbs/descents today. At the top of one hill I got lazy. Grabbing my water from my cart, I relaxed and took in the scenery. While taking in the scenery, I took my steady gaze off of my trusty steed Runabout. Big NO NO! As I looked away, my cart started the downhill descent without me. I noticed the runaway Runabout about 20-feet into its descent. Running as fast as I could, I knew I would be lucky to catch it before it crashed and created an insta-Yard-Sale. For some reason unbeknownst to me, the cart suddenly jerked to the left and crashed into the side-rail. Nothing broken, everything perfectly okay!? I am a lucky man today…

Today it is hot, so frigging hot. Like most hot days, the last 1/4 of the day seems to take more than half of the time. You just seem to hit a wall, move slower, and your overall energy is just depleted. At this point along the walk, I would prefer to walk at night if it was logistically possible.

With Google walking directions in hand, I don’t always know when exactly I will enter the next town. Watching the passing cars, I have learned that usually within 5 miles of the next town, you will begin to watch the car passengers drinking out of slurpee or large fountain drink cups. This isn’t a scientific fact, but so far, it has proven correct.

About 5 miles before Murfreesboro, the most wonderful woman stopped in front of me. Before speaking, she stretched out her hands and offered to ice-cold bottles of water.

 The greatest gift in the world I might add!

Her name was Erma Massey and she just wanted to make sure that I was okay. She said that she had passed me several times over the 32 mile stretch today. After the third pass, she just had to bring me some water. What a sweet and wonderful woman!

The last 3 miles into Murfreesboro took almost 2 hours. The Runabout had once again become a walker and we fought traffic to my resting stop. Shower and sleep was once again on the agenda prior to my final leg to Nashville tomorrow.

Living in the NorthWest, I have seen my fair share of Motorcycles. It was far and few between that I would see the 3-wheeled Honda Goldwing trikes. In middle Tennessee, the 3-wheeled Goldwing trike is alive and well. Why? I don’t know! But, I have a feeling that it might be related to that slick Ford Ranger salesperson. I’m guessing that he sells them as well!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jeanne Morris on May 25, 2010 at 3:06 am

    Don’t worry Jack, Mr Funny Man is alive and well!


  2. Posted by Jason Lucas on May 25, 2010 at 3:05 pm

    Jack, I think what you are doing is so awesome….who wouldn’t think that!! I’m with you in spirit bro, if you ever need a voice of inspiration, don’t hesitate for one second to call, anytime of day or night!!

    Keep on strutin’



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