Day 24 – I am a Walking Machine

Shortly after sunrise this morning, the heat was setting an ominous tone for the day. Hot Hot Hot, no clouds and very little tree cover on the final leg into Nashville. If the sun continues to shine, I may need to begin wearing a Bee-Keeper costume or perhaps a Berka

The terrain is similar to yesterday’s walk and follows the same road all the way to (and past) Nashville. The South Nashville area is made up of very nice suburbs with some of the most incredible homes I have ever seen. From what several people told me, the Franklin and Bellevue area is where many of the Nashville country music stars and celebrities call home.

A few people stopped today to ask if I was the guy they saw on the local news. I’m guessing that they are referring to Jordon Dibbs (who I met several days earlier).

The Nashville airport is about 8 miles outside of the downtown area. Shortly before the airport, and for the entire walk to downtown Nashville, my path was becoming increasingly more urban. When I write ‘Urban’, I mean, an area that you don’t want to walk through unless you have to. The comment isn’t meant to be negative, just an observation of my experience.

Obviously a low-income area, where many of its residents didn’t think too highly of my trespassing. This was my first experience with people purposely approaching me with attitude, following me and even one guy, who was sitting at a bus stop, purposely extend his leg to stop my cart from moving.

Not an exercise for the timid! As tired as I was from the day’s walk, my feet didn’t bother me a bit for the last leg. Hmmm, go figure!  I couldn’t help but think about how you want to make yourself look bigger if you come across a Bear or animal in the woods. Something told me that if I walked down the road with my arms stretched to the sky, it would only exacerbate the situation…

I made it downtown and was able to walk up past the Ryman Theater and Honky Tonk district of Nashville. You could just feel the history oozing into the streets. As a big fan of Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and 50’s music…it was memorable walk.

Arriving to the motel, I took a few minutes to glow in the walking progress made so far. I can’t believe that I have almost walked 600 miles over 3 states so far. I’m glad that I decided to walk for a month before beginning the Seattle Children’s Hospital pledge drive. The feet are becoming more manageable, developing daily processes and settling into a routine. It’s amazing how your body can adapt to the requirements demanded of it. At the beginning of the trip I was but a simple man. Now…I am a walking machine!!


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