Day 29 – It's not the miles walked, but the paths crossed.

You would have never known how hard it rained last night. At 8am the sun was already burning up the sky and it was in the low 80’s. Agh…another good day for a heat stroke!

I stopped by a local cafe to have some eggs this morning. My experience thus far is that this is a good place to meet people and get a feel for the culture. For some reason, getting passed on the side of the road doesn’t paint a full picture? After listening to some of the locals, I had to get an answer to

the burning question of “What is the difference between Amish and Mennonites”?

To keep it simple, the man (Jackie Reese) told me that the Mennonite could drive tractors. Agh Ha! I did see a lot of them driving tractors and pulling wagons full of the entire family around town. All very friendly and waved when I waved at them. As I said yesterday, it was identical to the movie ‘KingPin’. I wish I would have had the opportunity to meet some of them, ask a lot of questions and even participate in a barn raising or something.

Okay…the barn raising might have been a little much.

After speaking with my logistics and navigational team (read: Mom), I knew that I needed to figure out if I was going to maintain course North, or veer into another direction on another fine Kentucky highway. This would require additional information from the one source who could solve this problem..Brian Neeley. Brian and I were High School buddies and I hadn’t seen him in about 17 years. The last time I saw him he was living in Kansas City (MO), but I wasn’t sure what town now. All I knew is that I wanted to map a new route and visit him along the journey.

I got in touch with Brian while hanging out in downtown Hopkinsville. I still hadn’t found anyplace with ‘free’ internet, so I was having to rely on my cell phone and google mobile to figure things out. Brian just happened to be in Vegas for the weekend with his wife Kathy(sp?). Brian said that he now lives in Cole Camp, which is about 100 miles SE of Kansas City. Nowhere even close to the route I was traveling, but hey, what’s a couple hundred extra miles between friends?

I can tell you what it is. It had better be a couple of days of drinking a few beers and relaxing at the Neeley compound. Oh…I had better get a ride in his race car too! No pressure Neeley…

With my tiny Google display, and before my battery was drained again, I figured out the tentative route to Brian’s home. A complete change in direction and again retracing my steps across town. I have seen enough of Hopkinsville over the last 24 hours. I was thinking about staying another day in Hopkinsville. My mind was easily changed when I discovered the room-rates for those motels with Internet. It appears that internet is quite the up-grade feature here. It’s also the beginning of the busy Memorial Day weekend and everybody is booked.

I decided to make some Westward progress and get to the nearest town of Cadiz, KY. In advance, I was able to secure a nights stop at the Futrell Bed & Breakfast. I had never stayed at a B&B before, so thought this would make for an interesting experience. Cadiz was only a short 18 miles away. I would make this my new starting point for my newly planned leg of the journey.

The B&B didn’t disappoint! A beautiful old home that really gave you a feeling of history and nostalgia as you entered. Amanda (owner) was quick to welcome me in and give me the tour and instructions. Very simple, but what I was most interested in was becoming ‘One’ with bed and resting the dogs. I mentioned that I needed to do laundry. When she mentioned that the laundromat was about a mile into town. I think she could see the sinking feeling set-in. Anything more the a 1/10 of a mile seems like a day’s walk when I’m trying to rest the feet. Amanda volunteered to wash my clothes using her washer & dryer. “Yes” I said! 🙂

I did make sure to put all the clothes in my radiation proof container. All she needed to do was dump the clothes in the washer without direct contact. About 2-hours later she appeared with clean clothes (and bag). My portable Geiger Counter didn’t record any noticeable radiation…so I assumed she was okay.

The rest of the evening I hunkered into the room, updated the blog, and prepared for the next leg of the trip tomorrow. I was excited about walking to the West and getting to see more of Missouri and Kentucky. I’m proud of the miles of I walk so far, but eager to cross even more paths.

The plan, as of tonight, is to get up early and get a walking…

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