Seattle Children’s Hospital: 98 days, 100 reasons to give

Seattle Children's Hospital children

Remember that children, marriages, and flower gardens reflect the kind of care they get”.

–          H. Jackson Browne, Jr.

Did you know Seattle Children’s Hospital had over 38,000 emergency room visits last year? This means they treat over 100 children in the ER every single day.  I have personally experienced Seattle Children’s Hospital ER.  When my 10 year old daughter was only six months old, she came down with a fever that at its peak reached 105.5 degrees.  I called her doctor, she told me to give her Tylenol and keep an eye on her.  Finally, after four days of a very high fever we saw her doctor.  She told us that she didn’t know what was wrong and referred us to Seattle Children’s.  Scared and trying not to panic, I drove my tiny, lethargic baby to Seattle Children’s Hospital.  When I pulled into their emergency room entrance with tears running down my face, I was immediately greeted at the door.  From that moment on, everyone from the security guard at the door to the outstanding team of doctors and nurses made me feel like my baby was the only thing that mattered to them at the time.  After tests were done, the diagnosis was pneumonia.  We spent 16 hours in the emergency room that day, and I was constantly reassured and comforted that my daughter would be OK and leaving soon.

As the mother of a child treated at Seattle Children’s Hospital, I am so thankful to have a pediatric facility of that caliber in my back yard.  As a friend of Jack and his long walk home, it is my privilege to help support such a worthy cause.  You can help too by making a donation today here or pledging your support.


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