Day 40 – Humidity 1-2 Punch to the Face

The people of Missouri definitely know how to have a good time. The road to St. James is populated with a bunch of fishing, camping, kayaking, rafting and tubing resorts. This is Montana type of fun taken to the next level! The Huzzah resort, where I stayed last night, is one of the most professional outdoor resort operations I have ever seen. I think if somebody wants to haves some fun, they should hit the Lake of the Ozarks, Huzzah Valley, and then top it off with Land between the Lakes in Kentucky.

About a mile outside of Huzzah Valley my phone reception was back in action. If you watch the AT&T commercials that advertise 97% coverage across the nation, I can tell you where the missing 3% is located. My press manager (read: Mom) had left me several messages wondering where I was and that she had scheduled an interview in the next town of Steelville for me. I returned a few phone calls and slowly made my way to town. There was an actual shoulder on the road today, so that was a good thing!

After getting beat-up by the rain the day before, I figured I would make today my shortest walking day yet. With my new mental mind-set, I had a perma-smile on the face knowing it would be an easy day. My knee wasn’t as easily charmed and continued to pout for most of the day. Over the next couple of hours, the rain was threatening to fall, but never did.

I met Becky, the newspaper reporter, at the Steelville Subway Sandwiches early in the afternoon. The foot-long cold-cut combo didn’t stand a chance! I don’t even remember eating the son-of-a-gun! As usual, I bet I had mustard on my face and mayo on shirt… Becky was very positive during interview and mentioned that it was nice to have a ‘positive’ story to write about. Seems that there was lots of negativity lately. I offered to be a jerk and say some mean things…but she declined.

That’s a lie. I didn’t really offer to be a jerk. 🙂

Before leaving we took a few pictures and I was able to get an action shot of Becky with the cart. Thanks Becky and good luck with school!

My original plan was to stay in Steelville. With no room at the Inn, this hobo had to continue moving West towards St. James. What the heck, what’s another 15 miles? Never mind, I’m not going to answer that today…

The hills are alive and kicking from Steelville. They put up a good fight from Huzzah Valley, but from Steelville, they were laying down the law! Up/Down, Up/Down, Up/Down. Left/Right, Left/Right, Left/Right. Oh yeah, let’s also incorporate 80+% humidity into the mix and really punch ya in the face! If the hills weren’t so darn steep in some of the places, it would be okay. But you literally have to take 6″ steps pushing the cart up some of the hills.


This is my last leg of the trip before I will get a break from pushing the cart for several days. My friend Brian is going to meet me tomorrow. He is going to drive down over 60 miles to pick me up so I can stay with him. During the next couple days I leave the cart at his spread, walk during the day, and then stay back at his home. Good Times!


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  1. Posted by Becky lakaner on June 14, 2010 at 1:13 am

    Glad to hear you are still doing well! I told you to be prepared for the hills and the horrible road to St. James! You are such a strong man, and I am so lucky to have met you! The paper comes out Wednesday, and if you make it in this week, I’ll send you the link to the article and I’ll get a few copies in the mail 🙂

    Please continue to stay safe, enjoy the rest when you have it, and always remember that you are making so many people proud, including those beautiful children. God Bless!


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