Day 43 – My Dad's scared of nothing…except…

Steak Dinner last night, slept in this morning, and being flat-out lazy for most of the day! This is some good stuff here Maynard!

After waking up, Brian and I spent most of the morning watching videos of Brian racing his race-car over the last 10-years. Awesome! With ice on my knee, and coffee in my hand, it was fun watching his hobby evolve over time. As knuckle-head kids, our group of friends spent most of our time around cars and racing them around Missoula.

When I write ‘Knuckle-Heads’, I specifically refer to:

  • Brian Neeley
  • Dana Orbey
  • Mike Erickson
  • Darrin Haman
  • Jack Morris

As my parents and the rest of the knuckle-heads would agree, I was pretty innocent. I never would have gotten into trouble if it wasn’t for their peer-pressure. Not!

#1 Knuckle-Head

Unfortunately, my timing was off. Brian sold the car a few years back, as it was just getting to be too expensive. He had reached a level where he had a 5-person pit crew and would need to pump a LOT more money into it. Now the hobby has moved to one of the nicest Harley Davidson’s around. Kathy and Brian now ride with friends and take frequent weekend trips.

Kathy & Brian

Kathy and Brian actually met racing cars when they lived in Dallas , Texas. They both definitely enjoy the ‘Adrenalin’ lifestyle. In addition to racing cars, they both rode GXR Sport Bikes for several years. I figure they both will be sky-diving or launching themselves with Catapults before retirement sneaks up on them…

My timing to stay with Brian and Kathy couldn’t have been more perfect! Why you might ask? Because this weekend is the Lincoln, MO Renegade Truck-Pulls my friend! Yeeee-Hawwww Doggie! This is exactly the stuff that we loved to go watch every summer outside of Missoula, Montana. Hopefully the rains will clear up enough to enjoy the show.

Preparing for the event tonight (read: buying beer), Brian gave me a tour of the area and his business. Since birth, Brian has been replacing vehicle windshields. It was only a natural progression for Brian to eventually have his own business doing just that. The area is lucky to have somebody with so much experience.

As I get older, I have an increased respect for people with so much knowledge and experience at their occupation. Our other buddy Darrin (#2 Knuckle-Head) is similar with his background as a Machinist. Me? Well…I’m still a work in progress. 🙂

Hey Mom & Dad, the next pictures are for you!

Exhibit A

Mom & Dad hate snakes! As a kid I found several 6’+ Bull snakes by the river in Lolo. What does a normal boy do? He puts them in a bag and leaves them by the front door for Mom & Dad to open. Right?

Exhibit B

Agggghh, I still smile at watching them open the bag and the screams that ensued! I never knew my Dad could have such a high-pitch squeal!

I also never knew how long the endless list of chores would be after that day…


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