Day 50 – A good day for a walk…NOT

One might think with all the stuff I have written the last few days, that I’m not having much fun on this little trip. . Well, believe it or not, I’m having great time on my little jaunt across the country! It’s just that these little hurdles along the way are getting in the way of me just taking pictures, making jokes and meeting new people every day. I guess walking across the country isn’t supposed to be some ‘Walk In The Park’? Yeah, I know…

I didn’t get started at 4am this morning like I had planned. It was more like 8:30. Not bad, but as I have said previously, the heat/humidity is already kicked in by then. Today was only in the mid-90s’ with 43% humidity. When I say today, I of course only mean in the early part of the day.

After about 10 miles into the journey, I could see that the clouds were getting darker, thicker, and definitely not going away soon. Walking about 2 miles from the Interstate, I had a feeling that I might want to get closer and find a Gas Station where I can find cover if necessary. Guess what? It was frigging necessary!!

When the clouds are dark overhead, I usually have my rain-gear on proactively, and the top of my cart wrapped in my tarp. Helps to protect my electronics, but also keeps me from having access to my electronics. If you haven’t already noticed from past rainy days, the number of pictures is minimal. I know you would love to see some action shots of me looking like a drowned rat…but no.

The news this morning didn’t say anything about the worst storm yet coming my way. I thought for sure this would just be your typical rain shower. Maybe it was ‘typical’ for here, but not for this cat! About 20 minutes after arriving at the station, the buckets began falling and the wind a blowing. For 90-minutes today, I was standing and observing some NW Missouri fury. Boom, Crash, Bang, Sploosh and a heavy Whoosh of wind!

Holy Cow, I’m watching the news while writing this blog. The news reports that 7 homes were ripped off their foundations in St. Joseph. That would probably explain the plethora of roof shingles flying by the parking lot where I was at. Tonight I will probably reconsider my timetable and perhaps route that I will be walking tomorrow. The current weather conditions call for severe weather conditions for the rest of the week towards Omaha.

If you like that little taste of my day. Here is what Mr. Weatherman has to say about tonight and the rest of the week…

Good Times huh!?


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