Day 53 – Striking a pose

Todays blog report brought to you by the makers of Zipfizz and Diabeteze Protein bars:

I now officially swear by this stuff!

Zipfizz and Dibateze bars were provided by my friends Blake and Ricki Dowen. Zipfizz is absolutely awesome to add to my bottles of water. It adds the necessary vitamins (all the good stuff) I need to keep me running throughout the day. The Diabeteze bars are the best…and unfortunately I am now out of them. If you have questions about the products, please let me know. I honestly recommend them VERY MUCH!

 It’s a warm day and I’m out of Sioux City about 9am. The first 5 miles was mostly navigating the city streets and neighborhoods outside of the city. Once outside the city, I got on the straight two-lane road and never left until my destination in Elk Point, SD.

Walking past the industrial parks and airport outside of Sioux City, I noticed a white building with painted black spots. I finally realized that it was the headquarters for Gateway computers. Cool, but also sad. This company was a PC powerhouse at one point, but was minimized due to competition from Dell and their ultra-efficient processes.

<you have to go to Facebook to see the picture of the Gateway building>

Halfway to my destination of Elk Point, I stopped in the town of Jefferson. There isn’t much to the town except a HUGE church and two bars. When I walked through, only one of the bars was open for business. When I say open, I mean open for food and providing lots of ice-water for my drinking pleasure. I spent about 30-minutes hanging out and sharing my experience with the bartender (water dispenser).

After leaving Jefferson, the was walk just another 8 miles of straight road to Elk Point. Earlier in the morning I called the TV station to see if they were interested in running my story. Well…after Jefferson, they gave me a call and said they would meet me in Elk Point.

When I arrived at Elk Point, I was absolute zapped of energy. The request from the TV crew was for me to be ready to walk in my walking attire. 😦 Not excited…but I understood.)

Chris (the reporter) showed up and we went through the necessary motions to get the shots necessary for the evening news. While I was tired earlier, it all disappeared while working with Chris. Chris (Mulcahy) is a very talented young man. Chris graduated from school with a Meteorology degree and is the weekend weatherman for KCAU Television. In addition; he picks up all the additional stories (work) he can. Chris mentioned that the news is filled with LOTS of negative stories. So when he saw this opportunity…he jumped at it!

To view the end result of my time with Chris Mulcahy, please view the following link:

As expected, after Chris left, the severe storms arrived and kicked some butt throughout the evening. I of course stayed up to watch the News… and see Chris’s handy-work. After the evening news, Chris stayed at the station for the rest of the night providing real-time weather updates for the big storm. He had a rough night ahead of him with several tornados touching down to the North and East of Sioux city.

Thanks for your help Chris! You are very talented at your job and have a promising career ahead of you in television entertainment!


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