Day 54- One in a Vermillion

Last night was exciting with lots of bangs and booms outside. The weather reporters at KCAU Channel 9 were working their butts off last night. Literally staying at work all night reporting up to the minute weather conditions. Last I heard was that Tornados touched down north of my location and just east of Sioux City.

Proactively I was asking people what we should do in case of a Tornado. They weren’t sure? There wasn’t any shelters near by, so they recommended going to the bathtub and covering yourself with the bed mattress. I took this into consideration…  It would have been pretty funny for the motel maid to come into my room and find my mattress in the bathroom. I couldn’t have been the first person to do it. Could I have been? 🙂

Lots of clouds this morning with a strong wind. Absolutely perfect compared to the heat from yesterday! I was excited that I might be able to wear some of the warm clothes that have been sitting on the bottom of my storage tub. If I would have made any requests, it would have been for the wind to have been a tail-wind.

Today is officially the shortest walking day of my trip. Only 15 miles. This is simply due to the location of stops and it would have been too difficult to walk to find a decent place to stay between the next towns. My destination today was the town of Vermillion, SD. I could actually see Vermillion from Elk Point. Except for the last 2 miles of the road, the road was straight as an arrow the entire way.

As I moved North/West, it appears that people don’t mow their lawns as much they did south of Kansas City. If they do mow them, they don’t mow them as short. Another thing I’m noticing is the absence of the # of angry dogs along the way. The dogs north of the Kansas City area have been very mellow and down right friendly. 

I was able to really focus on my thoughts today. Not because I wanted to, but because my MP3 battery died within 20 minutes of beginning my walk.

Note to self: Don’t forget to charge your frigging MP3 player tonight dummy.

Thank You Troy Boone!

Half way to Vermillion I took a little breather in the town of Burbank. The town pretty much consisted of a few homes, a grain elevator and a cool little watering hold names ‘Whimps’. While sitting outside, Troy Boone pulled-up and brought me some Gatorade and a protein bar. As I have said before, there couldn’t be a more perfect gift! Troy had seen me earlier in the day and tracked me down. Troy is also quite familiar with the section of the road, as he puts in about 40 miles a week running (training) on it.

Drivers Education classes seem to be going at full-tilt this summer. I must have been passed by 3 or 4 ‘Student’ driver cars today. I’m thinking that they need to drive on some different roads though. I would want the students to get a chance to turn the steering wheel to the left and perhaps the right. 🙂

About 5 miles before I reached Vermillion, a car turned around and pulled up next to me. A nice lady (Lois) asked me if I was Matt? I said “No”, then she asked why I was walking. This was immediately followed by her handing me $20.  We talked a bit about how she knew about the other walker (Matt). I gave her my card and requested that she follow my journey in addition to Matt’s (the other walker).


Before leaving she commented on the terrible shape of my gloves. The next think I knew she handed me another $20 bucks and insisted that I purchase another pair of gloves. THANK YOU LOIS and I will purchase another pair of gloves soon!

I arrived in Vermillion about 5pm and the weather was absolutely perfect! A beautiful, clean town with a very modern university (USD). If I ever get a chance to come back through, I will look forward to learning more about Vermillion and it’s residents.


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