Day 56 – Out with the Old Spice, in with the Vanilla!

Today is one of those days where I realized how lucky I am to experience this country close-up and personal. Actually, everyday is that way, but last night I happened to get a good nights sleep.

Before taking my first steps this morning, a couple of construction workers (Leonard & Michael) asked me if I was ‘The Walker’? After some brief conversation, I mentioned how I was going stir-crazy from the Gnats. They told me the secret was either Vanilla or a special fisherman’s blend that is sold at a local sporting goods store. Before I could say “Thank You” for their advice, they handed me a fresh bottle of Vanilla to take with me. Not only that, after I started walking, Leonard made a trip to the store and met me with the special fisherman’s blend about a mile down the road. Wow!

Thank you Leonard & Michael!!

Throughout the day you could see the Gnats everywhere…except close to my vanilla scented head. 🙂

Walking through town I was surprised on how nice the town of Yankton was. Wide streets, lots of small business, and a historic downtown that was actually full of old/new businesses. Most surprisingly, was the well designed walking paths around town. I later found out that the paths were partly donated by their famous  prio resident, Tom Brokaw.

Thanks for the walking paths Tom!

A couple of institutions were mentioning are the Yankton State Hospital and Federal Prison Camp. Both provide about 1000 jobs for many of the residents, as well as many people in nearby towns.

With my MP3-player charged and vanilla applied, everything just seemed right today. It was getting hot today, but the 20+ mph winds kept me cool most of the day. Several bends were in the road, which gave a bit of variety to view of the road.

There wasn’t a single stop on the way to Tyndall, but I did walk around the town of Tabor. As I later learned, both of these towns are locals of primarily Czech descent. The town of Tabor has an annual festival that increases the population from 500 to 10,000. Unfortunately for me, I just missed it by a week. Damn!

The hard part about South Dakota so far is that lack of places to rest. Unlike other areas of the country, most of the homes are about 1/2 mile off the freeway. Before I could usually take a break on peoples grass or under their tree. I would think about sitting down in the tall grass on the side of the road, but the Gnats and Mosquitoes will eat me alive! For now, whenever I see a guard-rail, that becomes my rest-stop for the moment. I just wish they were covered from the sun.

Table for one?

So far, South Dakota has the best roads to walk on (overall) on the trip. 100% of the road has provided for ample shoulder and minimal angle. Thank you South Dakota D.O.T.!

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