Half way home and time to formalize my grassroots effort

Okay it’s official! It is now time to transition my grassroots charity event to a formal, well communicated event that is focused on meeting it’s goal, objectives and tactics. What might those be you ask? Well, it’s fairly simple:

Goal: Raise $100,000.00 to benefit Children’s Hospital


  1. Walk 3000 Miles across America
  2. Build Facebook fan base of at least 5000 members

Tactics: (May be applied to one or both of the objectives)

  1. Walk an average of 23 miles per/day for a total of 140 days
  2. Post at least twice per day to Facebook
  3. Post updated blog entry at least once per day
  4. Post an average of at least 5 photos or videos each day
  5. Conduct over 50 newspaper interviews
  6. Conduct over 10 television news interviews

Beginning July 4th I will begin updating the pledge/donation totals at least once per/week. The frequency of the updates will increase as we get closer to the completion date. In addition to weekly updates, a table will be added to the bottom of each new blog entry, communicating the actual #’s compared to the plan.

So where are we at? The current combined total for pledges and donation is $4,470.00. Specific details include:


  • 3 donors
  • $800.00


  • 5 pledges
  • $3,670.00

The first milestone for evaluating the walk’s progess is on July 4th. By then, I hope to have reached a total of 625 fans and $10,000 in pledges/donations. Individuals, if you are in a position to help us reach the donation goal, PLEASE DO!

An audience I have yet to direct my message to is the business world. From small to large businesses, this is a demographic who could really help us to achieve the $100k goal. I hope to reach this audience via my interviews and through the Facebook fan base. For the 90% of you who are most likely employed, I encourage you to share my message with your employer and request a donation of at least $250. As expected, all donations are tax deductable and absolutely 100% of all funds go direction to Seattle Children’s Hospital.

 I am absolutely amazed on how much progress is being made each day! Did you know that only 25 of the 504 (current count) fans are my ‘friends’ on Facebook? Some of you are a few degrees of separation from them, but most of you are people who I have met, or perhaps you heard about my journey along the way. I can’t begin to tell you how exciting it is to watch the audience grow and have an opportunity to make a real impact!

 I’ll simply say “Thank You” for now. 🙂

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