Seattle Children’s Hospital: 74 Days, 100 reasons to give

I watched a movie the other night called My Sister’s Keeper. If you haven’t watched it, I recommend it, but have a box of tissues handy.  I seriously haven’t cried like that during a movie – ever.  As I was watching the movie with my family and looking around the living room, I was really overcome with emotion and felt so blessed for all that we have.  We’ve been fortunate that in our family there hasn’t been any serious illness; just a few broken bones, some infections, the normal stuff.  And I think that is how it happens for most people, you just cruise through life then one day you’re hit with something that changes your life forever.  I know families where it has happened exactly that way.

We’ve been writing a lot about all the reasons to support Jack and his amazing journey to raise money and awareness for Seattle Children’s Hospital.  I realize though that sometimes it’s better to hear the stories of others to truly understand the gift that Seattle Children’s Hospital is to families, our community and to the practice of medicine.  So I’ve decided to post some videos produced by Seattle Children’s and KOMO 4 news that will shed some additional light on the great work that Seattle Children’s Hospital is doing.  Take a look, think about it, and make the decision to help support something that meant so much to Jack that he decided to spend  the next four months of his life walking across the country for it.

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