Day 57 – If you like ‘Cheers’ you will love ‘Gibby’s’!

Oh boy, last night was a HOOT! In the small town of Tyndall, I stopped by the local bar/grill (Gibby’s) to grab a burger and hydrate. Three hours later, I walked away with new friends and not wanting to leave Tyndall. Absolutely, bar-none, some of the nicest people who I am proud to call friends!!

<No, this has nothing to do with the rounds of beer, t-shirt, and beer koozy bought for me? It also has nothing to do with them NOT allowing me to pay for the rest of my tab.>

After sitting down and watching baseball a bit, I started talking with Ray and Dorothy Carda. Ray just turned 90 and is full of energy and could probably out-drink any youngster. Ray told me that his secret to health is working-hard and taking his medication. When he said medication, he pointed to his beer and ordered us another one! I was told that at Ray’s birthday party, he never stopped Polka dancing all night. When Dorothy got tired, he was quick to find somebody to dance with.

<In the future I will upload pictures of everybody. Currently they are on my cell phone which has zero phone reception>

The owners of the bar (Gibby’s) are Brad and Michelle Gibson. The most gracious hosts for the evening. They mentioned that they would be sure to follow the blog everyday and get other locals to join the Facebook page. Before leaving, Brad brought me a Gibby’s t-shirt and beer koozy. I know when possible, I will always wear that shirt with pride!

Sitting next to me was Jeff. Jeff lives in Tabor but like many others, comes to Tyndall to eat, meet friends and watch baseball. Big Minnesota fans in this area! It also helps that Jeff’s cousin plays for the twins. While I was taking pictures, Jeff leaned over and said I probably shouldn’t take a picture of him. This was because he was a 2-by-4…or otherwise known as too much of a stud! 🙂 

Before leaving I met Sheila Kremer, who just happens to be the local newspaper editor. Sheila and people around her were telling me about some of the dangers ahead  on the walk, and how I may choose to reconsider my path. In the coming days I just may choose to do that, as several others have told me the same thing. Hmmmm? 

It’s bright and early in the morning and guess who is meeting me? That’s right, it’s Sheila from last night! Sheila came to take a few pictures and interview me for the local paper. After a quick-n-painless interview it was time to get moving. It was already getting hot outside and their wasn’t any breeze like yesterday. 

Very long distance to cover today and only a single stop before Wagner, SD. The stop was in Avon, SD. This also happens to be where Jeff’s brother Mark owns a service station. Jeff mentioned the night before that he would load me up with Gatorade there. As we all know, the essence of life on the road is Gatorade, so I gladly accepted. When not fixing cars, Mark is also the local DJ who entertains at local events. Jeff mentioned that most of the music is usually Rock, Country with a little Polka thrown in. Growing up in a Czech community, you are required to learn to Polka!

Thank goodness for books on MP3. These long, straight roads in South Dakota could make a guy go crazy. Seriously, having too much time to think is NOT a good thing. After almost 60 days, I have pretty much thought about it all…twice.

I miss the wind from yesterday. The temperature is much warmer today and the humidity seems to be over 80%. Looking across the plains, you can see the moisture in the air. Today the area is expecting a nasty storm by the end of the day. I’m sure the current weather condition is reflective of the upcoming storm.Today brought back memories of Georgia (the dog), who I met while traveling through Georgia (the state). A beautiful, sweet hearted little Collie-mix walked with me for about 6 miles today. I only pet her once and them refrained as I didn’t want to encourage her. She was a smart dog, and after she started getting too hot, she turned around and headed back home. Now that I’m out of the large cities, a dog sure would make for some good company. 🙂

Like yesterday, there was only a couple of places to take a break today. A guard rail and a little road side religious display. I was burning-up and had yet another 15-miles to walk today. I took a good hour to thank the lord and lower my core body temperature.

After the dehydration incident in Blue Springs, MO, I am definitely more aware of whats happening with my body. Today, without the places to stop and cool down, it would have been easy to overheat/dehydrate again. Thank goodness for a convenience story/casino on the outskirts of Wagner to relax for a while.

The further I get on this journey, I find it harder and harder to post the miles each day. When I first started I could walk about 20 miles before I would begin to become mentally drained. Even with all the blisters! Today, its begins at the 10-mile mark starts sucking the energy out of you. Although my right knee is killing me today, this part of the journey is challenging mental game. It’s easy to see why many people who have attempted this challenge, gave up.

For those of you who think that this is a sign of giving up…it’s not. I don’t give up! Of course, some of you may end up carrying me before all is said and done. 🙂

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One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Sheila on July 1, 2010 at 1:55 pm

    Hope the “rounds” didn’t kick your butt too much on Saturday!! We’re enjoying your posts and keeping up with your travels. Ray and Dorothy’s last name is spelled “Carda”. Take care and stay safe.

    Sheila, Larry and the rest of the Friday night crew from Gibby’s


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