Day 60 – Small towns are social networking experts

7am and the local cafe is open for business. Time to have the morning ham and eggs. As expected there was several locals meeting in the morning over coffee and breakfast. About 12 people were gathered talking and playing dice. Dice is the game of choice across the heartland.

The sunburn made it’s presence known today. Whether it was hot or not today, my skin was burning. Between Bonesteel and Burke I walked through a couple small towns. Both towns had a population of about 100 and no available services. They did however have a city limits sign and the stereotypical grain silo. I found a bit of shade in both towns and rested the feet a bit.

I arrived in Burke about 4:30 in the afternoon. Before going into the local convenience store I rest outside for a while. My feet were sore and I took my shoes off to rub my feet. A couple of people who walked in saw me outside and gave a few odd looks. Pedestrians aren’t common. It’s probably less common to have somebody resting out front with their shoes off.

Inside I met a group of guys who greeted me. Immediately they asked if I was “The Walker”? One guy asked if I really had started from Florida. Surprised by the question, I asked him how he knew about my journey. He simply said “You stopped in Bonesteel”. Wow, the news traveled the 21 miles ahead of me! The people in this area are masters of social networking!

Speaking of social networking, the percentage of people using Facebook in small town America is very high! They use the tool/technology to its fullest! The software developers in the city could definitely learn a thing or two from the farmer communities.

On the other side of town I met Kathy Lawrence, the owner of the Hertz motel. After a brief introduction, she immediately told me she was donating the room for the night. Never expected, but so much appreciated! Thank you very much Kathy!

That was the end of Kathy’s generosity though. Kathy gave me a ride back to town to pick up some supplies. The main supply being ALOE VERA! The sore feet were running a distant second to the sunburn. Shower…Ouch! Laying on bed…Ouch! I needed to catch-up on the blog but it wasn’t going to happen tonight.

Before leaving the next morning, Kathy also provided me with written information on where to possibly pick-up supplies in the town of Winner, SD.

I have had some pretty good timing when stopping in several towns. Getting to meet people or participate in events has been enjoyable! The town of Burke has whats called the Burke Stampede. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be town for the upcoming stamped. Damn! They have a cattle-drive where people are encouraged to ride and bring their covered wagons. Hopefully I will be able to come back in the future, say hello to my friends and participate in the future.


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