Day 62 – God doesn’t require you to be a good driver

Today is an off day where I took advantage of the internet to catch-up on the blog. The most exciting part was at the local cafe where I had lunch. The place was full and I was sat at the last available table. Unlike the city, if there was an open seat, there wasn’t a need to start a wait-list. Within minutes, the 3 open seats at my table were filled with locals! If I wanted to be anti-social, I had come to the wrong place! 🙂

After lunch I spent the day blog writing, doing laundry and catching up on the recent Tiger Woods divorce news.


We crammed 3 bikes (with gear) and my Runabout in the back of Father Martin’s truck. Not a big truck I might add. Everything stayed in tact until just outside of Winner, where Mike’s bag fell off the side of the truck. No worries, with the Father’s cat-like driving skills, we headed back to pick up the gear. Everything was okay except a bit of road-rash. We told Mike it added character. 🙂

Back to the drive…

Tightly sealed in the truck, we headed West. As you can probably imagine, the time was filled with laughing, questions and stories. It was amazing the level of camaraderie we all had! Not shy of words, Father Martin was telling stories the whole time. It was hard to pay attention to just one person. More so for Father Martin whose gaze was most directed to us and not the road!!

Sitting in the back seat, I wasn’t certain that this might have been the best idea. I was on ready-alert to grab the steering wheel each time a car or turn approached. Father Martin told us that he was 84 and served in WWII under George Patton. For some reason, I don’t think that helped his road awareness… 🙂

I’m probably going straight to hell for talking smack about Father Martin…

At the point of Mike’s gear falling off truck, it was now my time to leave the continental traveling crew. We said our goodbyes, exchanged information, and promised to stay in touch in the future. Mike mentioned that when he is done, he wants to get together and interview me for his film. Cool!

I walked into and through town. My destination was of course on the far side of town, away from most businesses. While walking, a woman named Amy stopped me. She said she had been on the lookout for me. What? Amy and her husband Dean own a local trucking company that just happens to be insured by Great West Casualty. As you may remember, it’s the same company I visited in Sioux city, and who my dad works for. Their representative John had passed me on the road and told them I was coming. John is also the guy I took my picture with back in Sioux City. What a coincidence huh!?

Amy and I talked a bit. Probably too much if you ask Amy! After walking without much human interaction, I sometimes talk too much (and too loud)! Amy offered to call the local newspaper and setup an interview. I accepted and looked forward to the call.

The rest of the evening I tried to stay cool, as the sun outside was raging. Thank goodness for the heavy winds in this part of the country!

Fundraising Pledge/Donation Goals
Goal Date 7/4/10 7/14/10 7/23/10 8/2/10 8/12/10 8/22/10 9/01/10 9/10/10
Donations $10,000 $15,000 $20,000 $30,000 $40,000 $50,000 $70,000 $100,000
Actual +/-  $4,470              


Facebook Fan Base Goals
Goal Date 7/4/10 7/14/10 7/23/10 8/2/10 8/12/10 8/22/10 9/01/10 9/10/10
FB Fans 625 775 950 1250 1875 2500 3750 5000
Actual +/-  622              

I completed a blog entry but planned to write the others the next day. Sunburn was still kicking my butt and the motel’s air-conditioning only had two settings of Hot and Warm! I wisely chose warm and moved the bed directly next to the fan. Aghhhh…good times!


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