Day 64 – The 4th of July is for cross-dressing!

South Dakota people are some of the most generous people I have ever met! My money was no good last night, and it appears that it didn’t have much value today either. accommodations, breakfast and lunch all paid for today. The Hutch businesses are family run. Scott manages the motel and the cafe and lounge are managed by his sister Tammy and brother-in-law Brett. While having breakfast, I was also able to meet their mother Tootie. An absolutely wonderful family!

The storm expected tonight is evident in the air. No wind, muggy and frigging hot today! I look forward to the winds return.

The person who offered the ride to Vivian had a change of plans today. No matter, it only took a little help from the Cafe to find another source. A gentlemen by the name of Ron hauled me up the road to the local celebration. When I got there, it appeared that I had missed several of the activities. They were however, just about to end their talent competition.

What I saw was a bunch of the men dressed up as women? Before naming one of them the competition winner, they had all of them running around the crowd collecting $1 bills from people in the crowd. The (wo)man who collected the most, was crowned Ms. Vivian.

Don’t ask me how this became part of their Independence Day celebration. I don’t create the news…I only report it. šŸ™‚

I bet Easter and Halloween are REALLY GOOD though!

None of the guys that I met yesterday were at the event when I was there. I found out that they were golfing in a tournament and wouldn’t be arriving until tonight. Hmmmm, what to do? The next event isn’t for a couple of hours, I don’t know a soul, and it’s HOT! My only real option was to sit at the beer garden and drink for several hours. Needing to walk early tomorrow morning, this option didn’t sound good. I also know that if the guys showed up later, I would probably be kept until late in the evening.

Decision made, get back to Presho, avoid the storm, and get some rest.

It didn’t take long to find a ride back to Presho. I just started walking back towards town and a ride was offered by a niceĀ couple who were driving-by. Turns out the couple passed me yesterday walking from Winner, SD. The couple was from North Dakota and had a distinctive accent. It kind of reminded me of the movie ‘Fargo’.

My timing couldn’t have been better! About an hour after getting back to Presho, the ominous storm began to set in and wreak havoc in the area. Signs blowing over, grain-silos crumbling, bird-houses snapping and tree debrees everywhere! This storm was equal to, or at least a close second to the storm I encountered in St. Joseph, MO.

I took a bunch of ad-hoc little videos of the storm. Please go to my Youtube page to watch all the videos of the storm and last few days.

Well, that’s about it for the day. I probably should have walked today. Tomorrow I will be heading west towards Kadoko, SD. If all goes well I will be there in 2 days. From there I am going to add an additional 50 miles to my trip by taking the tourist loop through the Badlands. The tough terrain but will probably make for a good story and photographs.

Night Night!


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