Day 67 – 1880-Town to Kadoka

I think they should have a 1980-Town. It would be filled with Chrysler K-Cars, big microwaves, giant cell phones, pink spandex, Miami-Vice imitators and girls with big poofy hair!

It was actually cold outside today. Cold meaning 65 degrees, overcast and windy. For the first time in two months, I considered putting on a jacket. That is…if I had a jacket to put on! What a difference walking in cool temperatures makes. The day flew by and my body wasn’t hurting when I arrived in Kadoka, SD. Walking should get easier in western Washington. My luck, they will probably have record high temperatures during that time…

There wasn’t much to see along the walk today. A few old buildings and an old town that was pretty much deserted now. I did see a goat that had made an old pickup its home though.  I must admit, I have never seen a goat living in the back of a truck before. In addition to goats, the animal owners had a wide variety of other animals hanging out on the property. Later I found out that their basement was filled with chickens and birds were flying around upstairs. This made me think all those animals would make my Mom go insane. My parents dog & cat already keep her cleaning the house full-time!

I also learned that the goat owners make the best pizza in the area! 🙂  Hopefully the special ingredients don’t come from the birds above!

In Kadoka, I caught-up on laundry and finally spoke with my Uncle John and Aunt Teri. In addition to my friend Aaron, they are going to travel from Wyoming to spend several days with me. I have been really looking forward to their arrival!  They are going to bring their 40 ft trailer for me to stay in along the way. How cool is that?!


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