Day 68 – Gateway to the Badlands

Like yesterday, today was a nice cool day for walking. My original plan was to just walk to the town of Canctus Flats and call it a night there. It turned out that the town consisted of a gas station, campground and visitors center dedicated to the history of Minuteman Missiles.

My destination for meeting Aaron, John and Teri was only nine miles ahead, so I decided to soldier-on! Sorry Cactus Flats…

Before the entrance to the Badlands National Park there was couple tourist stops. The first one was a gift shop and place to feed Prairie Dogs. Oh…this was a must see along the way! 🙂 I bought a couple bags of peanuts to feed them. The chubby little varmints didn’t eat a single nut! They may have a lot of problems…but food is NOT one of them!

The second stop was named the Prairie Homestead. It was an actual Sod built home from the 1800’s. Like the place before, they had a gift shop. It’s a good thing I don’t have any room in my Runabout, or I’m sure I would have all kinds of t-shirts, shot-glasses and post cards from South Dakota.

After the Prairie Homestead, it was only a couple miles to the entrance to the Badlands National Park. Lots of cars were entering the park, and believe it or not, I was the only person walking through. Go figure! In the park the temperatures were getting much warmer. I’m very glad to have my pilot cars tomorrow, as I’m confident that I will need some Air-conditioning or shade when I walk  across the badlands.

I made it to Interior and found a nice campground to camp at. Immediately upon arrival I was greeted by Dick and his nephews/neices who were touring the Badlands. Dick is a postman in Rapid City, SD. Before leaving, Dick contributed $20 and wished me well on my walk. Thank you Dick, I was lucky to have met you and your family!

Hayden, Dick, Hailey and McKinsey (sp?)

There is absolutely ZERO phone reception in the park. This is going to pose a real problem when trying to meet up with my friend and family. Believe it or not, the campground does have internet access though! Hopefully they get my email messages telling them where I am at. If not, the walk tomorrow could be a tough one.


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