Day 69 – Hitting the Wall

Aaron arrived last night around 8pm. He took a few wrong turns in Wyoming which delayed his trip a bit. We spent the evening catching-up and making our plans for tomorrow. It wasn’t real difficult; I walk and Aaron drive!

After a light breakfast, I started walking and left Aaron at the campground. He would meet me after a while and provide a rest-stop for me throughout the morning/afternoon.

The latter part of the walk had some elevation to it today. I guess I should probably get used to walking hills. The black hills are just a few days away, and they will only be a prelude to the Rocky and Cascade mountain ranges.

The final stretch of the walk today was a straight shot into the town of Wall, SD. A lot of people suggested that I ‘Hit the Wall’ and see Wall Drug on my journey. At a minimum, I had to get a bumper sticker to stick on my Runabout. Our stop at Wall probably had to be the shortest visit on historical record. We walked in, looked at some pictures, walked the perimeter, got a free bumper sticker and left soon thereafter!

At the lookout point in the Badlands, I finally got some phone reception. I called my Uncle/Aunt and found out that they were having some car troubles in Wyoming. The issues were bad enough that they wouldn’t be able to make it any further. They were going to try to limp the rig back to Cheyenne. What a bummer! I was looking forward to seeing them and spending a week with them. Oh well, maybe they will get a chance to come see me across Montana.

To see more of the Black Hills and surrounding sites, we (Aaron and I) decided to backtrack through the badlands and head south to Custer, SD. Taking highway 385 would allow me to walk through the hills and see many of the scenic areas. We got to Custer that evening and found a place to camp for the night.


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