Seattle Children’s Hospital: 62 days, 100 reasons to give

From Seattle Children’s Story Project:

Connor’s Story

I was 5 months pregnant with Connor when I had the ultrasound. There was something wrong. The tech asked me to wait a second while he consulted with the doctor. The baby had multiple holes in his heart and a missing pulmonary. It was a genetic condition called tetrology of fallot. My mother’s sister had the same condition and died at the age of 7. This was incredibly scary for us.

Four months later and within two hours after his birth, Connor was taken from the UW Medical Center to Seattle’s Children’s Hospital. He spent four days in the NICU before he had his first surgery at five days old to replace the pulmonary artery. Connor was hospitalized at Children’s from September 7th to October 5th.

He came home from the hospital for the first time on his Dad’s birthday! Connor had his second surgery in April 2001, he was 6 months old. The doctors repaired the holes and placed a stint. He then spent 9 days recovering at the hospital before returning home again. Since then he has had a few short stays for minor procedures.

Connor is now 6 years old and under the care of Dr. Troy Johnston. He is active in baseball and motorcycle riding with no signs of slowing down. He will eventually have to have more surgeries, but he is determined to be just like every other kid in his class.

Without Children’s my son wouldn’t be here today. With the help of the staff in the heart center and Dr. Johnston, Connor has become a strong little man! The doctors and nurses made Connor feel better as well as his Dad and me. They always explained what was happening and how it was going to affect him. There aren’t words to express what Children’s means to us. They saved my baby’s life!


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