August 1st Milestone – Contest!

In order to meet and/or beat the goal of $100k for Children’s Hospital, we absolutely must build the base of fans. To help move things along, I think we should have a little contest to see who can personally provide the most fan referrals by August 1st, 2010!

I don’t have any sponsors (yet) that may be able to provide fantastic cash or prizes. Until then, I can however provide the winner with my gratitude via a picture, a video, and a day of my walk dedicated to them.


CONTEST: A competition to see who has personally referred the most NEW fans to the ‘My Long Walk Home’ Facebook page.

TIMELINE: July 15th to end of day on August 1st

PRIZE: (1) Personalized photo (1) Personalized Video & a (1) day’s blog dedicated to the person who refers the MOST new Facebook fans.

REFERRAL DETAILS: I have captured the current list of fans to the Facebook page. These fans will NOT be eligible to be counted as referrals. To win, the referrals must be NEW to the page. If you refer somebody to the page, please ask them to do the following:

  1. Go to Facebook page ‘My Long Walk Home’ and click “Like”.
  2. Send email to ‘’ with the following:
    1. Subject Line: “I was referred by (your name) to the fan page”
    2. Email body: Please have them provide their name and the date they joined the page
  3. That’s it!!

On August 2nd (or as soon as I have internet access) I will tally the results and announce the winner! If you aren’t that excited about the prize… please humor me. 😉  As we get closer to the completion date, I may be able to provide something better than a cheesy picture of MOI!



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