Seattle Children's Hospital: 60 days, 100 reasons to give

From Seattle Children’s Story Project:

Baby kressley was born on April 6,2005. We were expecting a healthy baby boy. Our other two children were healthy. But there was something wrong. No one was sure what it was. Soon we would find out he had a rare birth defect called bladder exstrophy.

His first surgery failed all around. I was so scared for Kressley. My husband and I reasearched to find a doctor who knew about exstrophy. We found Dr.Mitchell in Seattle, Washington. We were in Alabama at the time, but were willing to go anywhere, as long as the doctor knew what to do to help our baby.

We arrived in Seattle on July 11, 2005. The hospital itself was amazing. We met Dr.Mitchell and discussed what needed to be done. Dr.Mitchell was truly a God send for our family. He was very kind and compasionate. Every question we had he answered fully. The surgery went great.

My family and I feel we owe Dr.Mitchell so much for baby Kressley. I know in my heart Kressley would not have had this type of treatment anywhere else. We have been back to Children’s for more treatment and it has been a blessing. Our family feels like Dr. Mitchell and Children’s are a part of our family now. My husband and I tell anyone who is looking for the best in pediatric care to go to Childrens. I trust no one else but Dr.Mitchell and Children’s. We are so thankful to them.

What does Children’s mean to you, your child and your family?

Words can’t express what I feel in my heart for Children’s. everyone was so kind. I was very upset, heartbroken. No one wants their baby to be sick. The one thing I needed during this time was compassion. Children’s offered that in every way.


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  1. Jack, are you still going to let me know when you are coming to missoula so I can do some of your walking with you? Plus, I saw you are going to the fair to see the concert, I want to go, too. (do you like how i invite myself along?) Hope all is well…love reading about your walk 🙂


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