Day 72 – Big Pass and Beautiful Forks (Belle Fourche)

Oh lordy, is my glutes sore today! You would think that I haven’t started walking across the country yet. Holy Cow, if I have to cross many more mountain passes like the one yesterday, I will have Apollo Ohno type legs when done.

Kevin Costner's Tatonka at the top of pass leaving Deadwood

Scratch that…I’ve had these stick figure legs for a long time…they aren’t going anywhere.

Leaving town, I hoped to meet Jerry Carda today. As my luck would have it, today was his day off and he wouldn’t be coming into work today. What a shame! Sorry Ray & Dorothy, I will be sure to say “hello” next time I come back through.

Less than a 1/2 mile outside of town, guess what is there to meet me? YIP, you said it! Another long frigging pass just like the one from yesterday. It appears that the town of Deadwood is sitting in a big ol’ bowl of mountains that just don’t want to let me out of them.

As you can guess, the pass was another big leg workout today. Didn’t help that I was sore from yesterday. Tomorrow should be a real joy! It was nice that the downhill portion of the walk wasn’t nearly as steep as yesterday though. The road was filled with the same level of beauty as the day before and the sky just seemed to open up as you exited the Black Hills.

The day was mostly overcast and in the low 70’s. Great day for walking! My destination for the day was the town of Belle Fourche, SD. This was to be my last spot of civilization before starting my trek to Billings, MT. Needless to say I’m not real excited about this portion of the trip. Flat prairies, no services and bad weather is expected during the week.

Between Deadwood and Belle Fourche is the town of Spearfish, SD. Wow, what a beautiful area! After talking with locals, I’m told that this is a highly desired area for retirees and people wanting to live outside of Rapid City, SD. I could see why! unfortunately my view-point was from the highway and I didn’t get to go into town. Today was a long walk (as usual lately) and I needed to get to Belle Fourche before the possible bad weather.

Belle Fourche was a decent little town that had a nice rest area/visitors area. At the area, a volunteer groaned when I told her which direction I was walking. She wished me luck…but says she would never do that route. This coming from a tough gal who had worked/lived on a ranch all her life. Jack…what do you think you should do?

Well, after talking with my navigation team (parents), I decided to re-route my trip. This is not an easy decision. Especially since Belle Fourche is 14-miles (round-trip) in the wrong direction of my new route. Also, since the new route adds another 110 miles to my existing trip. It should however, provide me with more services, civilization and even more sites to see. I hope…

The new route is going to take me close to I-90 and traveling through NE Wyoming. While doing this I will also veer off the freeway for a few days to see Devils Tower Monument. With new game plan in place, the rest of the day was spent resting and watching the nasty rainstorms wreak havoc on the small town of Belle Fourche.


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  1. Posted by Jason Lucas on July 19, 2010 at 1:05 pm

    As always, very interesting reading!! The photo album alone is gonna be worth a million!!


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