Day 77 & 78 – Lazy is as lazy does

If I hadn’t regained my iron-will, I may have become a permanent indentation in my bed at the Gillette, WY National 9 motel. What the heck happened? I haven’t figured it out for sure, but I do know that over the last 3-days my motivation almost dropped to zilch.

Don’t take that wrong…I would never quit. Just a bit mentally exhausted.

Yes, the heat and long days played a part. My theory though is that it had to do with so much sensory overload, I was let down for a few days. What do I mean by that? I just visited the grand daddy of tourist spots between Murdo, SD and Sundance, WY. In addition, my friend Aaron visited and I made some new bicycle friends. Then, and all of a sudden…nothing! It didn’t help that I could read my biking friends blogs and they were traveling so far and so fast! By the time I reached Gillette, they were already in Yellowstone National Park. As I said in the title of the other day’s blog…Next time I do this, I will ride my bike.

I know, I know…………..WAAAGGGHHHHH….you big  jerk!

Well, the pity party of 1 is now over. I just want you to know that it is rough out here on the open road. 🙂

Since I haven’t travelled much further than the bathroom or down the hall of the motel, I’m wondering what I can write about today? Well, how about what I have learned (unwillingly) lately?

While the sources aren’t verifiable, it appears…that I am old! When did this happen? Doesn’t every 40-year old get out to stretch his legs and walk across the country? This could possibly explain why most people (friends and foe) thought I was crazy when beginning this trek. Actually, I believe that most of those people still think I’m a bit nutty, but they are having fun watching my sanity unwind.

When/Where did I learn this? Repetition in responses from people I have met along the way. Such as:

“You are how old?

“Hell, I’m 50, I’m only a few years older than you”

“A little old to be walking across the country aren’t you”

“40? You could be my daddy”!

  • Note to self: This response may not be directly attributed to walking, but more to hanging out in a karaoke bar.
  • Note to audience: Don’t hate the player…hate the game!

“Oh, we are all in our 20’s…but that’s cool”

I’m not sure if I like the new life-lenses I appear to be looking through now? Before, I almost thought I was the same age, if not younger than many of the people I met on the trip. I would have sworn I was younger. Nope…they were usually younger than me?

I’ve still got a lot (not that much) of time to process all of this. Maybe it will help me to settle down and start acting like the old fart I appear to be. But at least for now, I refuse to hide my youthful spirit and continue living life as if there was no boundaries. To quote my (now) favorite tv commercial:

“I’m a Toys-R-Us kid and I refuse to grow-up”!

At least until September 10th…


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