Day 81 – When Mother Nature calls…don’t answer.

Brrrrrrr! Holy Schnikees it got cold last night! So far, for the entire trip, I have barely needed by sleeping bag for more than a pillow. Last night I woke up with my teeth chattering and shaking. While fighting my deflated mattress, I quickly got myself into the sleeping bag and got warm.

15-minutes later…my alarm went off! Damn!

I was packed and off like a turd of hurtles shortly after 5am this morning. Again, another beautiful (albeit cold) morning to be walking. The first 10 miles were nothing but winding gently through the valley and directly next to the Big Horn river. Absolutely beautiful farmland!

Early on I met Bob, an owner of some of the beautiful farmland I am referring to. Bob (and his dogs) greeted me kindly and we talked a bit about his land. Bob has owned this land since 91, and lived south of here, in Big Horn, before that. His family originally homesteaded this land back in 1877, the year after General George Custer died in battle just up the road.

Before leaving Bob wished me God’s blessings and drove off into the Sunrise on his 4-wheeler. Thank you and it was a pleasure meeting you Bob!

Today marked the second time that I have been busted for…well…you know, doing my business. I know, I know…this is something we aren’t supposed to talk about. So I won’t…in detail! 🙂 There is just no-no way to maintain your dignity when you are hanging off of a fence post on the side of the road. In the middle of nowhere I might add! The same nowhere where you couldn’t see a car coming in 5 miles either direction!! Oh no, the moment the trousers are dropped…a truck will drive by.

You get the idea...

 I’m sure it is equally disruptive for the passenger of the truck though. Driving in the middle of nowhere at 75 mph, you and the kids spot a cart on the side of the road. Examining a bit closer…WHAMO… the kids are forever blinded with what they just saw! Walking across the country isn’t pretty folks… 🙂

I’m quite surprised that I haven’t been bitten by a snake yet. Walking down the road, and often in the gravel/grass, a person can begin to daydream. Walking today, I came across two LIVE rattlesnakes! One was a baby just leaving the road and the other, a big’un slithering/rattling into the grass! I’m surprised I didn’t freak out too much about that…but I did keep walking however. In addition to the live snakes, I did see several dead deer, skunks, turtles, and a couple flat rattlers.

Today was the biggest pass yet to climb. I honestly don’t think the passes in Montana will be any harder than what I climbed today. We’ll see. At the top of the pass, you could see the length of the Big Horn range and towards the Tetons. At the top, the last 17 miles of the walk was really quite pleasant. An almost gentle decline the entire way! 

Between Gillette and Sheridan I set my new walking record of 40 miles. Yeah…but ouch! I hope to not do that again unless it’s somehow tied to getting donations towards the end. I was thinking about doing a 24-hour or 50 mile walk to accelerate fans/donations towards the end. We’ll see…

Sheridan is a beautiful, happening little town! I know this because I had to walk to the absolute other side of town to make camp. Very surprised to see the variety of businesses, architecture, art and entertainment. Very nice!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Nancy Johnson on July 26, 2010 at 10:13 pm

    Hi Jack,
    I knew you many years ago as a young lad when I worked with your mother at Montana Power Company in Missoula. She had emailed me awhile back and said they may be meeting up with you in Missoula and was in hopes that we could meet up someplace. I certainly hopes it works out and I will look forward to getting to see you also. What a great thing you are doing. I read the article in the Billings paper awhile ago and watched the video. Be safe and enjoy your journey.



  2. Posted by Marzha on July 27, 2010 at 11:43 am

    I passed by you yesterday morning on my way to Crow Agency on Old 87! I was the one in the little red sports car that went zipping by about 7:20am. I was wondering what the heck is this guy doing with a baby stroller out in the middle of nowhere. I think what you are doing is very admirable. I wish I knew what you were doing–I would a put a few bucks towards your cause. I wish you the best of luck and God’s speed.


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