Day 85 – I dont care where he stood…where did he last sit!?

Public Service Announcement

What you are reading occurred about a week ago. Every day in Montana has been filled with activities, people and long days on the road. Combined they have left me with little free time to write and/or complete exhaustion. This trend appears that it will continue for the next couple weeks. To catch-up and compensate for my tardiness, I may be writing shorter blog entries until we are back to real-time daily updates. My apologies and I will try to manage my walking, writing and socializing calendar moving forward! šŸ™‚

Back to our regularly scheduled program…

Today’s big activity was visiting Custer’s Battlefield. If I remember correctly, I believe my family visited it as a kid when there was pretty much just a viewing area beside the road. Much has changed since the 70’s and you would think you were at the Grand Canyon, with as many tourists who are turkey-necking around the area.

Any visit to the Custer Battlefield wouldn’t be complete without the presence of Rocky & June, my new friends who I met the day before. They were both ready at the crack of dawn and prepared to see the battlefield for the 4th or 5th time. With that level of interest, I was hoping that we would be seeing actual re-enactments or perhaps some super cool computer-aided graphics. Nope, I was in-store for lots of prairie, tombstones, sun and…walking! šŸ™‚

In my hope to maintain brevity in the next several days of blog writing, I will absolutely do ZERO justice to the Custer’s Battlefield experience. It’s a major part of our American history and should be studied/seen by all who get the chance. It’s amazing and you can almost feel the history in every step (ugh) you take at the monument.

Now back to the stuff I found funny…

Rocky and June and two of the most wonderful people you could ever want to meet! They are the ultimate RV people with their big 5th-wheel and state of the art Ford F-450 dually to pull it with. Decked out to the max with a laptop mounted in the center of the truck for navigation and web-surfing! Before retiring, both of their jobs related around technology, so it appears they have retained much of their geeky-ness.

Both being avid readers about history while traveling, they knew absolutely every detail of what happened at the battle. Shoe-sizes, blood-types, soldiers middle-names, no detail from the event got passed June. At one point, both Rocky and June were arguing about which strategies the officers were using on the day. It was awesome! I would have even got involved with the whole thing, but, I could only focus on a single thing.

WHERE IN THE HECK DID CUSTER SIT?!Ā  Sitting Bull had the right idea…

Walking or even twisting my body was an activity that I only reserved for getting closer to Seattle. Any other time, it’s just working against me!Ā  Not being rude, we walked the paths and I day-dreamed of air-conditioning and a lounge-chair. I feel a little guilty for not being more involved. I’ll make up for it when I visit them in Florida in the future. We have a date to watch the last Space Shuttle launch

Hey Brandi Ritter & Ken Latham, if you are reading this, you should get a kick out of this!! šŸ™‚ Miss you guys!

We arrived and left and just the perfect time today! Hundreds of RV’s and Motor-homes were encircling the area and attempting to find a place to park. One guy who was pulling a jeep on a trailer, must have circled 5 times and proceeded to drag his trailer each time. At least he was sitting down…

Today’s day ended in beautiful Hardin, Montana. Okay, maybe it’s not the most visually appealing town, but it is made-up of some exceptional people. To name one, Sal from Sal’s Diner. Before turning in for the day and eventually meeting with the Hardin Newspaper, I was able to have lunch with Rocky & June. Sal’s Diner appeared to be the only ‘locals’ type of place open, and not some fast food place. Rocky and I both like eating at these type of place. As I have written before, they are always a good place to meet people from the area.

We were the only customers at Sal’s, but that didn’t stop Sal from sitting down and entertaining us during out visit. After hearing about my trek, Sal insisted on us taking a picture, as well as providing me with a new t-shirt from her adjoining store. Sal and her generosity should be reason enough for any and all of you to visit her business when you pass through. But wait, there’s more!!

The food at Sal’s Diner is absolute off the charts good! Trust me…if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be saying it! She told us that business has been slow since she opened the restaurant. Well, with how she exceeded our expectations, I don’t seeing that continue. For all you Billings area residents, please take a leisurely drive out to Hardin and have dinner at Sal’s. Trust me, you won’t regret it! At the same time, please tell her you heard about it from the My Long Walk Home community. šŸ™‚

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