Day 86 – Justin Bieber + Receding Hairline = The Receiber

At moments, when I have taken a shower and conditioned my hair, I almost see glimpses of a New & Hip hairstyle. This is rare, because after 5-months without a haircut, I keep the straw-textured-birds-nest under cover of my trusty hat. But during those rare moments, and when I ignore my receding (balding) hair-line, I see similarities to the new pop-music sensation, Justin Bieber.

I guess a plethora of teenage boys today are running to their stylist to get ‘The Bieber’. My goal before arriving home, is to start a new middle-aged style trend similar to The Bieber, just with a thinning little birds-nest on the top. We shall call it…’The Receiber”!

Or…as my long time friend Steve Roach once said; ‘The Five-Head”!

It’s a 2-day trip to Billings from Hardin. A long, Hot, Snake-filled trip to Billings 50 miles away. It wasn’t possible to complete the trip in a day, so i would need to camp out in the middle of no-mans land. Or would I?

Nope, I was able to coordinate accommodations with my friends parents, who live in Billings. Coordination required that they pick me up 25 miles outside of town and drop me back off the next morning. This was not an issue and I was greeted by their family at the end of the first day. In the truck was Ken, Vonna, Jenn and Ken’s Mom who we shall refer to as Grandma!

<Jack: The sun is getting to you, you keep forgetting to take pictures at critical points like this. My apologies to the Hamann family…>

I had met the Hamann’s before during the wedding of their daughter Nancy Yost and son-in-law, Dave Yost. Nothing like this though, we had the opportunity to spend the evening together and learn more about each other. I can’t tell you how relaxing it was and enjoyable to do my laundry, eat a great dinner, go to bed early and even start my next day walking at sunrise. Good times!

We had lots of time to talk about the latest excitement in Billings from the Tornado that touched down. Driving by the Metra complex and surrounding area…the devastation was awesome! The stuff you didn’t see, was all the homes and vehicles in the area that were pelted by the golf-ball size hail. The insurance agencies were really happy in the area…not at all!

After dinner we took a nice drive around the city and viewed everything from the top of the Rimrocks. Sure wish I would have brought my camera… 😦 While playing tourist, Ken got a call from his work and their was a minor problem that needed his expertise. We cruised down to his plant, which is next to the large refinery and watched him in action. The room was a mini mission-control and Ken was like Gene Kranz, the hero from the Apollo 13 mission. Well…kind of.

There was lots of things we talked about during our brief evening together. What I took away from the night, was what a wonderful, solid, salt of the earth type of family they are!  I have known their daughter for many years. Hard-working, polite, good mother and wonderful wife! Spending time with her parents, I see that the Apple did NOT fall far from the tree!

Ken & Vonna Hamann (Not pictured: Grandma and their daughter Jenn)

Did I mention that Vonna made absolutely awesome Lasagna and provided me with a bottom-less glass of Ice Tea?

Thank you Hamann family and I look forward to spending time with you all again in the future!

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