Day 92 – Uneventful day of events

I needed water and some food before embarking on today’s journey to Big Timber. To obtain said materials, I had to wait until the local store opened up at 8am. As you all know, this puts a bit of a kink in my plans and subjects me to more hours in the sun. <sigh> Oh well, a guy has to do what a guy has to do! This doesn’t stop me from often day-dreaming of riding a bike and having at least a nice breeze blowing on me while riding. Not to mention…a place to sit.

When I lived in Billings as a kid, my parents would take my buddy Mike Warren and me to the NEW water-slide in Big Timber. Great memories! With not a lot of money, this was as close to going to Disneyland as it would get! The water slide was about 2-turns and 11 miles down the road, just past the town (kind of) of Grey Cliff. Before walking past the water slide, I found some shade in Grey Cliff and rested for about 30-minutes.

The water slide sure did seem much smaller than I last remembered it. Amazing how different the world’s view is when you are only 10 years old. Over the last 30 years, it appears that a large KOA campground was built next to the park. Added to the slide was a large lazy river that covered the perimeter of the park. How fun! Out in the middle of nowhere, I’m sure this place was a pleasant oasis for an RV full of kids.

Speaking of RV travelling. It is alive and well! If the amount of people traveling the country in RVs, 5th-wheels, travel-trailers and campers is any indicator of the economy…things are just fine. South Dakota to Montana is obviously a hot-spot for summer vacation travel. It is pale in comparison to the amount of people camping (RV’ing) on the east coast though.

After the water-slide, it was a long, straight, hot haul to Big Timber. To bring some variety into the mix, mother nature did decide to dump a bunch of rain on me just before I arrived in town. I took shelter underneath a bridge for a bit…but still got soaked. From one end of town to the other, it was about 3-miles. I walked to the far side of town to give me a head-start the next morning.


A new and very annoying addition to the insect experience has been the introduction of the deer/horse fly! They have been noticeable since Wyoming, but now they seem to be developing a pack-mentality. The little devils don’t just land on you, they also feel the need to bite a chunk of flesh out of you! And if they don’t succeed the first time…they will try and try again!

As a kid, I was able to get my driver’s license when I was 14 years old. Recent observations have shown that the limit has been lowered to 8 or 9! What?! Since the Montana border, the number of tiny little kids driving (usually with their parents) has been noticeable. Not just learning to drive, but with stereos blasting or packed with people in the car. I would have expected that more in South Dakota/Iowa/Nebraska farm country… not here. Hmmm?

Off to bed early tonight! I plan to avoid the heat and get to Livingston at a decent hour. I will finally get to see my family ( from Bozeman) and have some walking assistance for a few days!


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  1. Posted by Loretta Mann on August 5, 2010 at 8:28 pm

    The pictures are amazing…Deer Flies are the worst and I agree very persistant. Good luck on the rest of your journey. P.S. Great article on your journey by the ktvq.


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