Day 95 – A boy sleepy the motorcycle do one make!

Up early and walking straight out the front door of my cousins home today. I will also be walking without my Runabout today, only carrying my backpack. When I reach the town of Three Forks, they will pick me up and take me back to their place.

There is a reason I didn’t carry a pack on this journey in the first place. I didn’t think the weight of a few supplies would bother my sciatica. I was wrong! After only a few miles, I knew that it was going to be a long day. All day long I had to keep switching the weight of the pack to each shoulder, and even just carry it at times. The only relief came when I lessened the weight by eating or drinking my supplies.

While I may have a lot of problems walking right now; cold fluids and food is not one of them! Each morning at the Weining base camp, Amy groggily (sp?) cooks a big breakfast, prepares several sandwiches and provides me an unlimited supply of frozen water and Gatorade. This is usually complimented with some smart-ass comments from Chase (husband/cousin)! Agh…you have to love family! 🙂

Walking past the Airport, through Belgrade, and along a very straight stretch of road walked. The weather was a bit warm and slightly humid for the area. To add some excitement to the day, I decided to go rogue and walk the railroad tracks. Once I got on the tracks, it was where I would stay for the rest of the day. It moved about a mile away from the main road and followed the river.

A good feeling, as I had wanted to take the railroad tracks for much of the walk across the country. Many times the tracks would have saved me time and provided much more shade. It didn’t take long to get over the excitement of walking on the tracks. Each step had to be watched carefully and I was constantly taking long or short steps to stay on the railroad ties. By the end of the day, I was tired of counting the 1000’s of ties I walked across…

Belgrade? I couldn’t believe how much the area has changed since I was a little kid. My last memory of the area was during a summer vacation to visit my family in Colorado. My parents, our dogs and me, were driving through Belgrade in a bad rain storm. The rain forced us to pull off the road and spend the night with some people we knew in the area.

Now you might be asking, ugh…why would rain stop you from driving? Well, my parents were always the most conventional types. Our vacation road-trip was taken on a couple big Honda motorcycles. Both motorcycles packed with luggage, one with me on the back, and the other with our two little dachshunds. All usually went well, except when either the dogs or myself had troubles staying attached to the bikes. 🙂

I remember once while Dad and I were driving around our neighborhood in Lolo, Mt. Snoopy (dachshund) decided to jump of the back of the bike. After rolling down the road for many feet…Snoopy didn’t jump off the bike anymore.

The problem with me on the bike, as you can imagine, was absolute boredom! This was the era of no portable video games, or even 2-way radios built into the helmets. Just little Jack sitting on the back of the bike staring at my Dad’s back. Yawn…ZZZZZZzzzzzzzz!

Sleeping on the back of the bike is a problem, as one tends to no longer stay vertical on the back seat! I was caught sleeping and almost falling off a couple of times during our road-trip. A solution must be found for this dilemma! That solution was to tie me to the back of the bike! I could sleep all I want, as rope and tape was allowing me to go nowhere.

Note to Psychologist: Could or should this be considered some form of childhood trauma? Could my desire to walk across the country stem from my parents free-spirited cross-country motorcyclist days? Help me Doc!


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