Day 100 – The Centennial Day of Walking (Anaconda to P-Burg)


Today was officially the first day where I honestly needed some warm clothing. It was frigging cold outside. A big “Thanks” to Don for thinking ahead and giving me a sweatshirt the day before!

Another mountain pass to cross today, but again, it wasn’t going to be too bad to get over. Great scenery and a low uphill incline. Georgetown Lake, Silver Lake, Discovery Basin Ski area, and finally Philipsburg. All Montana tourist destinations in a single day! As a kid, Discovery was the mountain where we would usually go skiing as a family.

Several times across Montana people have told me that I absolutely have to go to the ‘Sweet Shop’ in Philipsburg. I don’t know, after walking a long distance, candy is usually the last thing that I crave.

Don also mentioned that I should try to do some Sapphire Mining while in P-Burg. There wasn’t time, but I guess it’s a favorite activity of a lot of people who come to visit. They buy the dirt, pan it, and sometimes even find themselves some valuable gems. Huh!

I arrived just in time today. The rain was following me and once I arrived, it rained for the rest of the day. I didn’t have any internet and/or cell connection while in town. So what does one do? He lies on the bed and sleeps for as much time as possible! The next day is another 27 mile haul to Drummond, and keeping off the feet is very important. Before dawn tomorrow I go…


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