Day 103 – The Hoagie Hoe Down

Up early, McDonald’s in the stomach, Mike took me back out to the cold, lonely road. Did I mention it was cold? Holy cow was I ever glad that Mike gave me the sweatshirt back in Anaconda! It’s frigging August people!! For some reason I don’t remember it being this cold in Montana and in the summer!

No matter, I was moving along and happy as can be this morning! I was less than 6 hours from my 3-day walking vacation, my hometown, and of course…Hoagieville!

About 2/3 of the way to Missoula, I was joined by Jamie Hefner. Jamie and I grew up together in Lolo. Sometimes she would even talk to me! 🙂 I gave her some grief about her belonging to the ‘Cool’ girls crew, and not always associating with pudgy little dorks like me. 🙂

Hey…watch the comments about being a pudgy dork…

Jamie and Leslie

Jamie arrived with her sister Leslie, who took the time to say Hello and meet The Walker. After a goofy picture by the gas-pump, Jamie and I started walking the final leg of the journey. We were a bit behind schedule and had to get to Missoula in time for an interview with the Missoulian.  Jamie was kicking-butt pushing the cart, updating me on the last 20-years of gossip and walking at 3.2 mph.

Debbie Baylor

We were very pleasantly surprised by another girl we went to High School with. Her name is Debbie Baylor and has been following my walk for some time. Debbie is involved with some local charities and donated money towards the cause! Thank you so much Debbie and seeing you absolutely made my day! Thank you for taking the time to say Hello, it meant a lot!

Shortly before arriving in Missoula, I was greeted by a team of ‘wonder-interns’ who would write my story. While asking questions, Jamie patiently watched and took care of some child-logistic issues with her husband Joe. The reporters spent quite a bit of time and asked a lot of questions. Once finished, I walked across town to my motel and met Jamie. Jamie wanted to have my first Hoagie with me and wish me a Happy Birthday! Yeah!

After the Hoagies were consumed, it was time for me to get some rest, as my friend Dave Yost would be coming into town tonight to spend a few days with me. I’m so lucky to have such good friends. Both Aaron Mathewson and Dave Yost took time out of their work schedules to come support me over 500 miles away. Thank you very much!!!


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