Day 105 – Taking a Chance with Dave!

If you were completely bored with my blog-post from yesterday…welcome to Dave’s personal hell for 3-days. I have no idea how Dave did it? What I do know, that I am a lucky son-of-a-gun to have so many good friends in my life!

You may be wondering, “Who in the world is this Dave guy”? This would be because I have failed to introduce my blog-reading audience to the guy who drove 8-hours to show his support! Dave is also my son’s Godfather and  best friend (as is Aaron Mathewson). I am fortunate to have several “best” friends and “close friends”. I sometimes hate labeling friends in such fashion, as the descriptions often over-lap. No matter the label, friends don’t get any better than Dave!

Dave an I have known each other for over 20-years now. Sharing many good times and hard times together. Before Aaron Mathewson moved to Colorado, you would almost always find the three of us together. Work or play, we often did it together.

Since Dave was sixteen years old, he has worked in the same business. As most of you know, that is NOT the case with me. If I am a ‘Jack of all Trades’, then he is the ‘Dave of a single trade”! Dave is an expert in outdoor/indoor window coverings and shading. So good, that several years ago he was able to start his own business and quickly dominate the Northwest market.

Note to Seattle Market: If you ever are considering outdoor/indoor shading, please give Dave Yost a call. By far the most talented and honest guy you will find in the business!

After a couple of days of completely boring Dave out of his mind, we got to do something we had both been looking forward to. Go to see Chance McKinney -n-Crosswire in concert. I grew up with Chance in the small town of Lolo. Since childhood, Chance has quite the history of success! In fact; his brother Jason appears to have become quite successful as well! Way to go Larry & Thea (parents)! 🙂

My memories of Chance are of when we were quite young. We played on the same baseball teams and his father was our coach. His Dad was also our high-school Math teacher and Cross-Country coach. Oh dear…how I dreaded those 5am rides to Missoula in the back of his truck for early morning practice.

Yes…those were the days when backs of pickups were loaded with kids without seat-belts!

In High School, Chance grew, and grew, and grew to a whopping 6’5″ tall. I’m not sure what Thea fed the kid, but whatever it was…it worked! He became a super jock and ultimately completely shattered state and national records in the Javelin. If I remember correctly, I think he came close to going to the Olympics. If not…it sounds good. 🙂  After attending Washington State University, Chance become a coach at the University of Washington and a math teacher just like his Dad!

But wait…there’s more!

During these years, Chance also took up singing. Something that he hadn’t done publicly while in Montana. Like everything Chance has dedicated time to in his life, he has taken his talent to the highest level. Recently Chance won Country Music Televisions version of ‘American Idol’! Since winning, he is now a full-time touring country musician, working his way towards country stardom!! After seeing him perform in Seattle, I couldn’t believe that I had the opportunity to see him during my walk!

Chance was opening for Creedence Clearwater Revival. I won’t lie, I was pretty darn excited to listen to their long list of hits! Chance and his group were conducting their sound-check when we walked in. It didn’t take them long, and they did a great job of entertaining the audience during this time. Once complete, the band came out shortly thereafter and complete rocked the house! I’m not just writing that because he is my friend either! Even Dave, who didn’t like Hoagieville, told me that he really enjoyed the music!

After the show, Dave and I had a chance to hang with the band for a while. I felt so proud of Chance and his success! I was even more proud after seeing Dave flit about like a star-struck teenager! 🙂

I don’t think I have directly recommended any products/services that I don’t absolutely believe in. If I have, well…it’s definitely not the case this time! 😉  I would like everybody watching my walk, to take a moment to check out the music and webpages for Chance McKinney-n-Crosswire. If you like him, click “Like” and let him know how you heard about him. If you don’t like him, well…click “Like” anyway. 🙂

Chance, keep up the good work my friend! I’m very proud of your career accomplishments! Almost as proud of who you have become as man, husband and new father!


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