Day 110 – Wild Thing and The World’s Largest Parking Lot.

I wonder how long it will take me to realize what exactly I have accomplished? After four months of walking everyday, it just seems like part of life now. Isn’t this what everybody does? I’m not doing anything special…I think?

Passing a landscape maintenance guy on the way out-of-town, he couldn’t say or ask enough about my journey. About ten minutes after we stopped talking, he shut-off his lawn mower and even came back to ask more questions about my shoes and how hard it must have been on my body. The guy couldn’t have been any nicer! And for a minute, I caught a partial glimpse of the enormity of it all.

Outside of Wallace I also had the pleasure of meeting a local by the name of ‘Wild’, as in ‘Wild-Thing”. Wild had pulled up beside me in the strangest little vehicle I have ever seen. He began with a typical quad ATV, and starting add parts from many vehicles, and even animals. Wild made a point of telling me several times that he was a Vietnam Vet. A Vet who loves his fellow soldiers, but not the country so much. No matter his views or past experience, he absolutely had passion for his vehicles.

Wild was an avid motorcycle rider up until just a couple of years ago. A bad back that has troubled him since a teenager, was finally getting the best of him. He could no longer keep the bike upright when he came to a stop. No longer having a motorcycle, he plans to put all of his vehicle-eggs in a single 78’ Bronco basket!

Good Luck Wild and Thank You for your service!

Passing through Wallace is a 72-mile long paved trail leading all the way to Plummer, ID. Wow, talk about first class treatment for bikers in the area! Walking on the trail provided for good, safe walking conditions with lots of nature viewing. On the other hand, the nature got kind of boring after a while. 😦 I know, I know, what am I complaining about? All I can say is that dodging traffic, potholes or the occasional gas station helps alleviate boredom sometimes…

There were two locations I specifically wanted to walk through today. The World’s Largest Car Dealership and The World’s Longest Gondola! Both of which turned into kind of a flop.

Dave Smith motors in Kellogg, ID is considered the largest auto dealer in the world. When I lived in Missoula, MT I remember it being just a small dealership in Kellogg. Today, the company has taken over every bit of free-space in town. Seriously! They have taken over more than half of the businesses in town and use the space to park their new cars! Imagine any big car lot you have ever seen…then multiply it times five!

From a business perspective, you must appreciate how Dave Smith has changed how cars are sold today. They were the first in the business to not mark up their cars and make money through rebates. Many dealerships do that today, but Dave Smith has turned his internet business into a powerhouse! I stopped by the corporate office to try and meet the owner (Ken Smith), but unfortunately he was not available. 😦

My final destination before calling it a day, was the Silver Mountain Ski resort. Home of the World’s Largest Gondola!  My plan was to try to get a ride to the top with my Runabout! The pictures would have been fantastic! Unfortunately the gondola was not open today…so no go for Jackmo. I did find out a bit later that the country of Vietnam has recently built a longer Gondola. Well…I guess it’s now the Free World’s Longest Gondola!


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  1. Posted by Aunt Eileen on August 26, 2010 at 10:57 am

    I love the dog sign – I want one for my front yard!!!!


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