Day 114 – Westward Ho!

The days are closing on me and I find myself getting preoccupied with the few days left on my journey. With this, I realize that I haven’t taken the time to give much background about my friend Darrin and his wonderful family. For variety sake, I will now plan on peppering it in over the closing days. I have some funny stories I will share and hopefully embarrass him with. No matter what, I promise to not write a single word on how his ice-chewing makes me lose my mind! I promise… 😉

Leaving downtown and walking westward, I expected to meet with several of the local news stations who told me they would call in the morning.

<insert sound of crickets>

Nobody called and I continued to walk out-of-town. After several hours, I got a call from my buddy Darce in Seattle. He told me that our friend Tom Byrnes had made a couple calls , and instilled some action in a local station. Low and behold..they were on the scene about 25 minutes later. Thanks Tom and KREM for helping to get the word out on the street.

The rest of the 25 miles walked today was fairly non-eventful. Straight roads, lots of traffic and more wheat than any Panera Bread could use in a year! I’m not looking forward to the next seven days of walking. I love our countries farming industry…but walking the fields can be a bit much!

At the end of today’s walk, I was picked up by my uncle Dick. Uncle Dick is from my Dad’s side of the family and could be considered the strong silent type. Hmmm, I think the smart and silent type is more fitting!

Note to the rest of the family: You are all smart too!  Dick may have gotten the brains, but you all got the looks!

Note to Dad: Dick isn’t smarter than you, he is just lucky. I’m thinking you should have picked on him more as a kid…

Never the less; Dick and Shellee live in the outskirts of Spokane in one of the most amazing homes I have ever seen! I felt so lucky to get the chance to stay with them for the evening. Did I mention that their cooking skills far exceed their eye for hot real estate investments? I’m used to eating table scraps most of the time, but tonight, I might has well been eating at Tavern on the Green in NY. Wow, the food was fantastic!

After dinner we had a chance to hangout, talk and eat a Peach pie that was absolutely off the hook! My night was complete and I was ready to thit the hay…

Wait a second, we haven’t even mentioned a bit about their animals! What has happened to me? Being the animal lover, I was so excited to get a chance to hang with their 3 dogs. Two labs and a crazy-eyed terrier (Reilly). Actually, I forgot to ask what kind of dog Reilly is, but I believe he is some kind of mutant terrier!

My experience with Reilly goes back about 7 years when me and my son stopped by Dick’s home in Colorado. During our visit, Reilly had to be kept bound and gagged behind a military style road-block of baby-gates in the house! I swear, if you would have given him a Redbull, he would have pulled a spider-man and literally walked on the ceiling to get to us. All he wanted to do was lick us to death…I think. 😉

Reilly has come a long way over the years. With maturity, a new environment, roommates (the labs), and the ever demanding shock collar, he has become a contributing member of dog society. At  breakfast the next morning, I did feel him eye-balling my bacon though. No matter, with my protective pork instincts intact, we made it through the morning without a problem.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Brian Starr on August 31, 2010 at 11:36 am

    Haha. Love that post Jack, especially your discription of my Pops. I have the same situation, all the good genes were saved for Rachel. I’m just a dumb high tech redneck making sure a bit turns clockwise. I am trying to get people out here on the rig to donate. Hope the rest of your journey is going well. Keep truckin cousin.



    P.S. Reily is a Wheaton Terrier and you should have shared some bacon.


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