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Welcome Home Party Details

Well, Jack has completed his last step. And by that I mean the last step of his long walk home. He is still working on Step 2 of the 12-Step program he started years ago. So come on, get up and move, get on your groove, and join in a celebration for Jack completing his long walk home.

The party will take Place at the Pony Keg Grill & Bar in Kent, WA on Saturday, September 11th from 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm. Minors are welcome but must exit by 9:00 PM. Look at this map link for the Pony Keg location.

See if Jack has any other clothes than his walking duds. Is putting his reflective vest on such a habit that he won’t be able to not wear it? Hear some behind-the-walk stories that never made it to the blog. Is he really 7 feet tall? See what he looks like without a ball cap. Maybe he will have a ceremonial burning of a walk companion like a pair of worn out shoes.

The Montana Grizzlies will be on the TV at 6:00 and karaoke starts at 9:00 if you want to stay longer and howl at the moon. Maybe the real good stories will start to come out about then.

So please, come show Jack some love and maybe he can put faces to what have now only been names. And I know he would be extremely happy to see all his old Seattlite friends.

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KING 5 LIVE Interviews at Redmond Marymoore Park


KING 5 Television has offered to make My Long Walk Home the feature story on Wednesday September 8th, 2010. The early feature date will accomodate their scheduling requirements AND help bring attention to the cause before the finish date. What does this mean? Well, the My Long Walk Home team will need you to come walk with us EARLY on Wednesday!

How early you might ask?

KING 5 needs us ALL to be at Redmond’s Marymoore park by 4:30 am on Wednesday, September 8th. Go ahead…let’s hear the boos’ now! BOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Now that the boos’ are over, let’s rally around the cause and get our butts to Marymoore park at 4:30 to support Jack and his final days’ of walking.  So what does Jack need of you? Jack needs you be there for 2 hours and participate in the KING 5 LIVE broadcast.

Details are as follows:

Description: KING 5 television will be providing 4 LIVE broadcasts and 1 recorded interview of Jack’s My Long Walk Home. For the televised event, they would like to interview Jack, his fans, family/friends, and two of the children who have benefited from SCH.

Requirements: We need 100 people to participate in the interview! Bring all your friend and please come support Jack in the final days of his walk.

Date: Wednesday September 8th, 2010

Time: 4:30 to 7:00 am

Location: Redmond’s Marymoore Park

– East Lake Sammamish Entrance


From Issaquah: CLICK HERE

From Seattle: CLICK HERE

From Kirkland: CLICK HERE

The Last Day’s Walk (details) on Friday September 10th.


Member of the My Long Walk Home team have put together (very detailed) instructions for the last day of my walk. For details, Click Here or go to:

BIG Thanks to Tom and Darce for putting this together in such short notice!

Jackmo, Tom and Darce!

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I’m in familiar territory. Territory that I have driven, vacationed and lived in for the last 20 years. Sometimes I need a swift kick to the head as a reminder that most of YOU are not familiar with this area! I will try to be more descriptive of some of the areas I’m walking through or experiencing.

Over the last several days you have read the blog and/or viewed the pictures posted to Facebook. As a reminder, the East side of Washington state is filled with lots and lots of farm land. As a walker it can get quite monotonous, but I don’t want to take away from its immense beauty and importance to the country. South of the wheat fields is considered the Pea & Lentil capitol of the world. To the west is the Apple capital of the world! If you were to head back to Idaho, you can’t forget the Potato capitol of the world! When I’m done with this walk…I will be in search of the couch capitol of the world! 🙂

Today’s Educational Moment:  If you remember the original screen saver on your Microsoft XP operating system, that is a picture of the Pea and Lentil fields of Eastern Washington.

After walking through days of brown fields, I have now entered the Columbia river basin surrounded by miles upon miles of Apple orchards and Wine vinyards. This area also happens to be the location of the Gorge at George, one of the country’s premier concert venues. Which also happens to be where I was able to see John Mayer and Keith Urban in concert.

I haven’t seen a concert at The Gorge in years. When I last saw a show here, the entrance was full of dirt roads, and a port-a-potty was the most modern day convenience. Things have changed!  My understanding is that the grounds were purchased by Live Nation, who have turned the place into a small city. Paved walkways, restrooms, ATM machines, food pavillions and organized camping and parking areas.

My buddy Sean picked me up at George and we arrived at about 4:30. Perfect timing as we needed to be at my booth at 5pm. We met our contact (Chris) at the gate and he pointed us int he right direction. Other than pointing us to the booth, the rest was up to Sean and me. No problem, I duct-taped my banner to the table and spread out my newly minted cards. On one side of the card it simply read: “I KNOW JACKMO”! The other side contained all the info regarding my walk across the country and how to find me online. Now, we just had to get people to stop by the booth. This wasn’t happening, as there was just too many people walking by and they were to motivated to get a good spot at the show. Time to turn up the heat!

If you have ever walked down the streets in Vegas and had a nudy girl brochure slapped into your hand…our approach was similar. Sean and I took to the middle of the large walking path and just started asking (yelling) “Do you know Jackmo”? or “YOU NEED to know Jackmo”. At the same time placing cards in peoples hand. This was a blast and I think even people walking in were having fun also! Everthing was going smoothly until Sean started telling people to give ‘Jackmo’ a high-five! Now I was trying to hand out cards and high-five everybody at the same time. Ultimately, I just stood behind Sean and high-five’d people for the next hour.

We handed out 1200 cards in only a couple of hours. Not bad huh?!

Note to the Gorge Janitorial Team: It appears that the 1200 cards we handed out were not securely placed in every persons hand. I’m sure it was just a mistake that more than half of the cards were strewn about the entire concert area. 😦  Thanks for your understanding, and don’t forget, that bad publicity is good publicity!! 🙂

As you can probably guess, the concert was fantastic and we were able to meet lots of cool people! Before saying goodby to Chris Mendoza, I asked him what his favorite concert venues in the country were. He said that The Gorge and the original location of Woodstock were the best in the country! Good to know…I guess I will have to go back. The weekend after this show is 3-days of Dave Mathews. I’m sure that would be nuts! Seattle absolutely loves the Dave Mathews. Me…nope, just don’t get why he is so popular. <yawn>…