Less of a connection with the world around you

A heck of a lot more rolling hills today. I was also feeling the urge to push myself a bit harder today. When combined, the end result is Jackmo feeling not only sore but a bit sick as well. Oh…whoa is me!

To partially answer the question of whether riding or walking is easier, I believe that riding (in the long run) will be easier and much better for the body. I’m actually using (to put it lightly) muscles to propel myself forward. Outside of using my calf muscles, walking just seems to be more mechanical in motion and a constant wear-n-tear on the joints! For now, my legs and neck are the sorest parts of my body. I’m hoping I get used to the riding position with my neck cranked up a bit. After a few hours, it gets rather annoying. I also find myself having to constantly move my hands in different positions on the handle bars to remain comfortable. More info to come as the week progresses.

Regarding weather. I have accepted the face that I will be doomed with rain for several days. South of Winnemucca, Ely or Reno, things should be looking pretty good though.

The negative of biking (compared to walking) seems to be that you are less connected with the world around you. You are moving at a much faster pace and you don’t stop to talk to somebody as regularly. Well you could, but then again you would have to get out of the bicycle cleats. I’ve done it hundreds of times now…and I still suck! When riding you find yourself constantly thinking about the controls and maintaining safety on the bike. Brakes, Steering, Shifting, Traffic, Sweating, Breathing, Drinking or Eating, there is always something to think about. Good at passing the time, but BAD at seeing the world around you!

As I get into a rhythm, I look forward to sharing more with you about the people I meet and experiences. So far I am lucky enough to have several friends who are helping me in the evenings and helping to get past the current pain-points (read: sore bottom)!


PS. As soon as I get the graphics, I will be sure to post the information on Kirkland Bicycles at the bottom of each post. Remember, they have donated 100% of all my gear towards the journey!! If any of you are thinking about purchasing a bike or accessories this year, please go to http://www.kirklandbikes.com/ and ask for Josh! 🙂

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