Where’s the Beef…I mean Blog?

I have written and deleted this blog entry almost every day this week. Every time I begin, it only takes about 20 minutes before I write something that I don’t feel is fit for print. Not that it is bad, but more that in some way I think somebody may take offense, get upset, and/or have expectations of me that I’m not living up to.

As a few of you know, my walk began with only 3 facebook fans. It took over 3 months to reach 1000 fans. During those times of much pain and new experience, there was a lot of freedom to openly share about my experience. It was also a time to share stories from family and friends . It provided an outlet for me and, I hope, developed a connection between me and the people following my journey.

Fast-Forward to the Present!

I finished the walk and a much has changed over the past month. Most of the changes are fantastic and I feel very blessed to have experienced or received them!  Not only changes, but truly NEW opportunities that would NOT be present if I hadn’t taken the walk! Awesome!

This still doesn’t explain why you haven’t kept current on your blog!

I know, I know. Well, there are several reasons on why I have developed my writers-block. Since I can’t seem to communicate them effectively in  a word / sentence / paragraph structure, I will use bullet-points. Excuses include, but are not limited to:

  1. I am not Lance Armstrong. In fact; I’m way out of shape! You may think that walking across America would have fine-tuned me into an athlete of huge proportions. Huge proportions across the belly maybe…but not in muscle-mass! I am physically sick each day from pushing myself and not training for months before leaving.

  2. The weather sucks! Yes, I know it’s winter-time and nobody ever chooses to ride their bike across the country in the winter! Well…I did! The timing was right, and I believe it was important to leverage the opportunity while the ‘Iron is Hot’!
  3. Exhaustion & Weather Combo: In a little over a week, I have gone from riding 0 (zero) miles per day, to almost riding 100-miles in a day. A feat that may be considered impressive in good weather conditions! My motivation has been mainly to keep in front of the rain/snow conditions that I knew were coming. The combination of being exhausted, cold, and wet at the end of each day has left me with little energy to write.
  4. Minimize Stress: I am very lucky to have so many people (facebook fans) following my journey and supporting me. Unfortunately, I have friends and family that aren’t so supportive. To be somewhat sensitive, I have refrained from whining and describing the possible dangers of the road. Trust me, this first week hasn’t been much fun…
  5. Expectations: When I started my walk, I was an open-slate and I found it very therapeutic to write about whatever I wanted. Today, that isn’t the case! I have 6000 people and my future employer reading about my journey. I don’t want to come across too negative and/or anything less than an All-Star. This week…was anything less than All-Star.

  6. Expectations Part II: I am not a Saint! While most of you know this, I may need to share this with some of you!  I am attempting to ride back across the country because goals are an important part of my life. I want to see the money raised  for Seattle Children’s Hospital! It’s my favorite charity! I do however make mistakes, I’m NOT politically-correct, and I may not always communicate my gratitude fully, So in advance, for all of you who are donating and helping us to reach 50,000 fans:


Soon I hope to write more about my travels and hopefully some of the people I meet. So far I have not connected with a single person. Yes, there has been a couple people at the motels or cabins I have stayed at. But I haven’t really shared my story with anybody or what I am doing. I will do that more soon! The weather is expected to be much better in a few days and hopefully my anxiety levels will decrease a bit.

Until then, thanks for reading and I hope to share with you very soon! Hopefully I will even have some funny stories and make you laugh. 🙂


Ride made possible by:


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