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So Close…But Yet So Far!

I have had several days to think about what I want to write here. Today, I still don’t have much creativity, wit or even enlightenment to lay upon you.

So here goes…

I have finished my ride across the country. I was unable to complete the ride with only 600 miles remaining between Jackson, MS and Jacksonville, FL. Why you might ask? Well, it appears over the last 5-weeks, I have compressed the nerves in my left hand enough to cause temporary, and possibly long term damage. Damage meaning that I currently have limited mobility in several of my fingers and absolutely zero strength. I have been “toughing” it out over the last week, but after a few discussions with friends,  the risk would NOT be worth the reward of finishing the ride.

If you would like more info on what exactly is happening, look up Stage 3 Handlebar Palsy on the internet. It’s me to a tee!

Other than that, all is well, and this cat just wants to get back home. Something that is easier said than done on the busy Thanksgiving travel holiday!  The end result is that I will be back in Seattle on December 2nd and looking forward to the next chapter and the closing month of 2010.

Once I get back (and easier to type), I’ll write more and at a minimum, bring some closure to that last 6 months of adventure. I hope to have the motivation to share with you some of the many (funny) stories of finishing my walk, the month before the ride, and of course the ride itself.

For those of you who may be sad, have pitty or bummed. DON’T BE! I am completely comfortable with my decision and proud of my accomplishment!